Trusting your intuition implicitly, is not only reserved for the people of the jungle. You can do it, too.
There is a mesmerizing story about a tribe that lives deep in the Amazon jungle. They say that they communicate with the trees.
Whenever they leave their village to go hunting, or to visit another tribe, they touch the trees to feel what’s going on back home. If they feel harmony, they continue on their way. If they feel danger, they return immediately to protect their home and people.
These instinctive natives have learned to be still, using the trees as a source of connection, a conduit to their intuition, and know to completely trust what they feel. Having lived this way their entire lives, this is natural to them.
Trusting your intuition implicitly, is not only reserved for the people of the jungle. We can do it, too.
Trust is a big word in our society nowadays. In many way it’s something that has been lost, along with our connection to ourselves and the universe.
To feel trust, you must first and foremost trust in yourself. It means being devoted to your heart and soul, to attune to what it is you really need, and to have integrity, strength, and to support for yourself.
It means you keep the promises that you make to yourself. And that you stop seeking validation for your wants, needs, choices and commitments. Instead you trust, that what you are being called toward, is exactly what is meant for you.
Learning to trust your intuition, is like learning to trust in any other relationship. It requires a daily allegiance to your self — that deepens your ability to let go of control — and surrender to the wisdom of your intuition and the universe.
The more you choose to trust, and let go, the more you can trust and be supported by your inner compass.
A few days ago, I fell into a vortex of extreme apathy. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to work on anything. I didn’t particularly want to speak to anyone. I simply wanted to lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling.
This is a very unusual incident for me. Someone who is wildly enthusiastic about almost anything, and constantly inspired to create something, I struggled with my lack of interest. It felt confusing and I constantly felt I should be doing something; anything.
I compromised with my apathy and resulting guilt by spending 3 days on my bed mindlessly watching movies. I wasn’t doing anything, but I was kind-of still doing something.
Intuitively, I knew that had to listen to this deep pull inwards. But trusting that intuitive message, that collided with my social conditioning to always be doing something — to constantly be productive — was difficult. There was a part of me that insistently reminded me of my to-do list, my commitments, and all the things I could be doing instead.
Wisely, I ignored the fear, and chose to trust myself.
In those days, I have fundamentally changed, in a way that I have been wanting to. I feel at peace. I feel content with where I am right now. When I pass the mirror I see beauty. When I walk the streets I feel appreciative of every person, every occurrence.
Gone is the subtle anxiety that lingered at the edges of my daily experience. Gone is the adrenalin-driven push to get things done and make things happen. Replaced instead, with a sense of relaxation, a gentle softness, joy, patience and an even deeper connection with my inner guidance.
Listening to my intuition and simply stopping for a while, has brought me into a space of feeling that everything is happening perfectly, and that I no longer have to lead. It’s something I have been wanting to feel for some time now. It is in this stillness, that I now discover my motivation, direction, inspiration and guidance.

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