Week 1: Introduction
Do this. Buy that. Fit in. Don’t swear. Laugh. Don’t cry. Sit down. Shut up.
We get bombarded with constant messages on how we SHOULD behave, believe, act, that sometimes it becomes difficult to decipher who we really are.
Who do we want to be as human beings?
What are we attracted to?
How do we want to live our lives?
What is essential and how do we live this out to its full potential?
These are the BIG questions which will take us to the core of our self-realisation.
So many people are looking for it: their Big Life Purpose. Becoming YOU is your purpose. ~ Danielle LaPorte
Self realisation is understanding ones true self; which is distinct from the mental chaos that ensues us in our everyday life. It is realising our full potential and that all that we want and need already lies within us.
All the bright lights of modern life beckoning us to live like this or like that can be extremely alluring, however they are not set within the parameters of what humans actually need to be happy. Until we become absolutely clear on what is actually important to us we will never be fulfilled nor be able to reach our full potential.
We are entirely and completely responsible for our lives and how it is being played out. Once you are fully aware of this and just how powerful you are, life will begin to shift.
Some say the grass is always greener on the other side  –  the truth is the grass is always greenest where you water it.
Follow your heart.
Really Feel It. 
Then follow the feeling.
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