Week 2: Dig Deep + Share Your Art
The key to self realisation starts with this one very simple yet extremely powerful question. Who am I?
Allow yourself become clear on where you stand right now, today, by asking the question who am I? Either this question brings you to an inner sense of stillness, or you will respond to it with a collection of thoughts and beliefs that you have gathered over your lifetime to define yourself – the image of the Self that you have created.
To be in the grip of an opinion means to be in the grip of your mind and mistaking that for who you are in essence. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Begin realising that the latter is not your true self.
Allow your mind to sink into your heart and FEEL what it feels like to be. Just to simply be.
Once you are clear with who you truly are, which is separate  from the illusion of the Self you have created, this sense of Self begins to dissolve and your true Self and purpose begins to surface. This is all part of your journey to self realisation.
Imagine if the REAL YOU, the one where you’re the hero, the superstar, the rock-legend, the one where all of your talents, gifts, creativity and idiosyncrasies are completely embraced and unobstructed were to be unleashed into the world! What kind of possibilities would open up for you?
How would life be different? Does it excite you?
Share your soul, your heart, your love.
Get a piece of paper and draw, write, doodle, create, plan how your life be might look, smell, feel + taste like if you were being authentically YOU.
Email it to me at studio@viendamaria.com.
If you can’t wait a whole 6 weeks for the uncover your authentic self + live on purpose ::: the FREE radical self realisation guide then signup here and access the whole thing within moments…. exciting isn’t it!
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