Week 4: Step 2 of 4 steps to Self Realisation 

2. Name your Superheroes:

Who do you really admire?
We are most like those we most admire.
Hard to believe but true. The people we admire, respect and look up to reveal to us aspects of ourselves. We are always attracted to that which is a mirror image of ourselves. Now that you are aware of this, breathe a sigh of relief! It’s good to know that we carry habits an characteristics of those we cherish!
Write down the names of you superheroes/superstars/bionic people you most admire and what it is that drives you wild about them. Then try to find aspects of yourself where you share those attributes and characteristics.
If you can’t think of what characteristics you share right now, that’s okay. It will come clear in the future. Come back to it at a later date.
When you have started living your life in alignment with your authentic self, it will be much clearer to you just how fabulous you are and what you have in common with your superheroes.
In the meantime focus on what characteristics you admire and why. Write them out.
Here are some of mine just to get you started:
Russel Brand – honest, open, wild, funny, courageous truth-teller
Rachel Bilson – cute, sweet, feminine, adorable
Louise Hay – whole, fulfilled, wise, gentle, kind, beautiful, graceful, ageless, successful
Johnny Depp – leader, doesn’t care what other think, risk-taker, experimental, adventurous

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