Week 6: Step 4 of 4 steps to Self Realisation

4. Outrageous action

Taking action that will create forward traction

By now you should have 3 pieces of paper which give you an idea about yourself and all that you encompass:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Who and what characteristics do I admire?
  3. What are my strengths? My gifts? My talents? My passions?

These sheets of paper will give you a clearer understanding of yourself and steer you in the direction of self realisation.
It is outrageously important that you live your life in line with your authentic self.

  • Because this creates harmony and true happiness for you and everyone that you touch.
  • Because you want to be living out your own dreams.
  • Because by being self realised enough to live your purpose you are expanding and fully expressing your part of the life puzzle.

Being your TRUE SELF allows you to give the world your gifts.
If you are living out someone else’s dream, not only will you never be comfortable with yourself, but you are also taking the opportunity from someone else.
Let’s just stipulate that we’re all connected. Let’s just assume that that’s true and that our purpose in the world is to look for those connections versus to feel like we have to establish them ~ Dyana Valentine
I have a gorgeous girlfriend who is a writer and story-teller by nature. She is extremely witty, insightful, clever with words, hilarious, and intensely talented. Yet she is working in retail. With fabulous high end brands and their designers. And she hates it. Now, I know there are some girls who would die to have the job she has. She is living someone else’s dream. And she is deeply unhappy. Why? She is not living out her authentic self. Living out her true purpose. What does she need to do? A little bit of self realisation.

The action that you need to take now that you are clear on what you’re about and who you really are is to:

  • Write down how you see your life being lived out to its full potential in the future. Think about who you truly are, taking all of your natural attributes, talents and strengths into consideration,  and envision this as how you see your life being lived out.

  • Be very specific, precise, dream wide, allow that inner voice to guide you and let it flow, baby! Nothing is impossible or out of reach.

  • Back to Earth! What is holding you back from living out that dream? Write it down on a fresh piece of paper.

  • Now write HA HA HA HA HA over that in big red letters. Or shred it to pieces.

  • Finally, outline a few actionable steps that you can take to start living your life on purpose.

Start doing it. 
Right now.
And remember that I love you.

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