Tethers are obligations, commitments, memories or beliefs that keep me from fully experiencing all of myself or from moving forward creatively, intuitively and spontaneously.
Tethers bind us to places, people or things and while there is great value in these tethers from time to time, there is also great value in untethering. In letting go.
It was around the time that I wrote You Are Ready, More Than You Know, that I realised that this calling, this yearning in my heart and the message that came out of me in those words was as much for me as it was for you. Is for me. I am ready, more than I know. I am ready to untether, to let go and start facing a new direction.
It was an intuition, a gentle push to go where my heart is calling me and my spirit is yearning for. It’s time to walk my talk and take that leap of faith to a place that people don’t often go. Into the dream-world. Into the unknown. Into the immeasurable. I have heard the calling. I listened and I said to my soul “You know where I want to go. What my dreams are and the joys I want to experience. If I let go, will you take me there?
The answer came back crystal clear. “Trust and I will take you there.”
So I am untethering.
A new movement has filled my world and one by one my life has started to change direction. I started off with plans to finish my “day job” and go full-time working for myself with writing and coaching. I could feel I was ready to take that step. I am untethering from the illusion of the safety of receiving a salary every fortnight instead of trusting in my own money-making abilities and that the universe would conspire to support me in whatever I need. I recognise that I don’t need to “make a living” as I am already alive. I know that I can just BE, do the things that I love and everything will fall into place. Just keep following the love.
Then some more twists and turns occurred and I recognised the calling to leave Sydney. I am untethering from structured city living. This part of the process surprised me. Although I was definitely on the path to go traveling in the near future, I was certain I still had another 6 months in the picturesque and intricate, twisted city. Sydney has been the first place in many years that I have settled down and grown some roots. But life called out with explicit signs that it was time to move on. The north wind picked up and said to me “Girl, it’s time to go. Follow your dreams.”
I am untethering from routines, from social expectations, from structured life and from everyday commitments. I am restructuring the things that I do so that I am no longer tied to them, but rather living out what feels to be right for me in each any every moment. I will still be writing, Because I LOVE it. I will still be coaching. Because I LOVE it. But how and when may change as I figure it all out.
This is what’s happening:

  • Saturday 7 July 2012 I am departing Sydney, driving north to visit friends and my mum for a few weeks.
  • I am going to take some time and space to re-evaluate EVERYTHING and where I want to take things from here. What is important to me.
  • I will still be writing and posting on schedule as much as possible. If things are little unusual around here, I am sure you will understand. But I will most certainly be here.
  • I have weaned all of my physical 1 to 1 coaching clients in Sydney off or converted them to Skype or email sessions if we still have more work to do. I am so grateful and joyful for all of my clients and their generous understanding!
  • In the time between now and the end of this month I am going to book a one way flight. Location yet undetermined.
  • The rest I am still yet to figure out.

I am untethering myself from a common or traditional way of life and concurrently am spreading my wings and re-learning how to fly. Because the only way for me to learn to fly is to jump out of the nest.
By the end of this month I will have bought a one way plane ticket. To where exactly I am not yet sure. I will let you know. I invite you to embark on this journey of truth, love and self-discovery with me. Let’s see where it can take us!
xo Vienda


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