I’ve recently read a few insightful books, that keep mentioning Spirit Guides, and how valuable they can be as a support system.
So when one of the gorgeous souls in my Manifest More course, asked in our Facebook group, how to connect with Spirit Guides, and ask them for help, particularly when it come to manifesting things, I thought I’d turn to some experts for advice.
First up, Denise Litchfield is an incredibly charming and down-to-earth clairvoyant, who teaches us that our spirit guides are here, wanting to help us all the time. It’s simply up to us to become still enough to listen.

Secondly, the highly acclaimed Soul Speaker and Channel Anne Aleckson, teaches us that Spirit Guides are essentially Source Energy, coming to us in different forms, so that we can understand and assimilate the message they have to tell us.
She also gives us a few invaluable tips on how to raise our vibration to call in abundance and receive help from the other world.

And, as an extra bonus (hooray!) Anne teaches us the joygasm process, which includes a downloadable mp3. Just to make sure that we are vibing high, and connecting with our highest selves, in order to experience a life filled with true happiness, confidence and abundance.

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