[VIDEO] How to get your skeptical partner on board the 'woo woo' train and other new beliefs.
A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about how rapidly our beliefs can change when we experience an ‘aha’ moment. She was telling me about her ardent launch into mindfulness, changing her mindset to create the experiences she actually wants, manifesting and spirituality. She also spoke about how disappointed she felt, that her partner was stubbornly skeptical and not at all open to her new insights.
I often receive emails and notes with a similar quandary and question.
“How do I get my skeptical partner to share these amazing new thoughts and beliefs that I have accumulated and brought into my life?”
It’s normal that when we learn something new, something that has a massive, positive impact on us, that we want to share this with our beloveds. But what if they don’t want to know or hear about it? What if they’re headstrong about change?
It is very common in any relationship, for women to bring in the new ways of thinking and to influence change. Women are generally more fluid, more open, and more ready to absorb new ways of seeing the world. Is is often up to us, to share these insights with our men. But not in the ways that you think, as I show you in this video.
In pagan times, the only way that men could connect with their gods and spiritual practices, was through women and nature. Women have always had a direct connection to the spiritual source and are able to tap into that much more easily.
In this video I show you exactly what you have to do, to get your loved ones to share your views.


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