Vienda Maria's 2016 BSchool Bonus for the Free-Spirited.
I recently announced that I would be dedicating this month to the topic of ‘How to create a freedom-fuelled business…’ and of course, the lifestyle that goes along with it. Over the past few weeks, you will have read my passionate, light-your-soul-on-fire articles on:

  1. The journey of discovery and gaining clarity on how to share your unique gifts with the world, and get paid for them.
  2. How freedom is my big, bright, guiding why in everything I do, and how to define your why, too.
  3. How to overcome your fears, when it comes down to putting yourself out there, and really being seen.
  4. Using to use the astounding power of our digital era, to create a platform for your freedom-fuelled business and your unique gifts.
  5. Finding balance and boundaries, to live out your freedom-fuelled life.
  6. Changing your mindset around self-worth, value and money.
  7. Honing and defining your niche and your message.
  8. Nurturing relationships and connecting with influencers to elevate your brand.

As mentioned in my articles, the turning point for creating the business of my dreams — one that I could do from anywhere in the world, using my unique kaleidoscope view of our beautiful world to help others and be creative, every day — was taking the online business course by Marie Forleo: BSchool. I’m a proud graduate of BSchool, and a partner. Which is why I’ve created the most wonderful, unbeatable and exciting bonus when you enrol for BSchool through me.
The reason why I am so truly ecstatic about this, is because, not only do you get to do the same course that I take, every single year, to keep my business turned on and tuned in. But as an affiliate for BSchool, I receive a percentage of each sale that is made through me, meaning that I get to offer you the opportunity to work with me for free. So instead of you paying for mentoring with me, on top of doing a business course, BSchool is paying for you to work with me! Ain’t that grand!?
In other words, come join me for BSchool this year, and get all of my bonuses for FREE!
Just click on any of the images and links below, to join me this year, and get all of my special bonuses, to create a life that’s truly remarkable. Let’s set your soul on fire!

Vienda Maria’s BSchool Bonus for the Free-Spirited.


1:1 Mentoring

Online 1:1 Mentoring

I want you to feel loved, supported and nurtured as we make this huge, scary step into the vast unknown of entrepreneurship together. I know when I did BSchool, one thing that I wished for, was someone a few steps ahead of me to hold my hand, affirm my biggest dreams; deepest fears, and show me the way.

My 90 minute gobstopper-size jam sessions help you get clear on what you need to do and how you need to do it.  Sessions can include: Intention + Goal Setting, Shifting Limiting Beliefs, Action Plans + Creative Idea Development.

When you join me for BSchool you get 2 sessions with me 1:1, for an hour and half each, where I give you individual attention, advice and practical support to propel your vision up, up and away. We can cover your website, your services, where to begin, how to start attracting more clients, inner fears and block that are freezing you in place… Wherever you’re at when you need me; I am here to help you. [Value: $500 USD]


8 Week Online Group Mentoring

It’s so frustrating and lonely when you’re doing something that the rest of the world doesn’t really understand. Starting your own business is like taking the most intense personal development course on the planet. It pushes all of your buttons, and brings all of your fears and insecurities to the surface. But you don’t have to do it alone.

This is supportive sisterhood focused group mentoring for a small group of women who are ready to gain real momentum in their online business with focused directive, creative insight, inspiration, practical advice, community support, and working together to uplift your brand and each other. Depending on timezones and the number that sign up with me, I will break you up into smaller groups to give everyone abundant opportunities in the hot seat, no matter what country or timezone you live in.

When you join me for BSchool this year, every week over 2 months, you, me and an intimate group of inspired women who want to do great things in the world, just like us, will meet up for a group mentoring session where you can air your reservations and fears, and be supported as I guide you through navigating the roadblocks. [Value: $600 USD]

Online Group Mentoring

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

I want to live in a world where communication, friendship and connection are paramount; and where finding your tribe, and snuggling right in with them is cardinal. With the beauty of our internet age, we have access to more people, and more different types of people, than ever before. Which make finding your people easier than ever.

Join me for BSchool this year, where I can answer your questions and provide sweet relief in moments of panic in our Free-Spirited Facebook group: come meet your tribe, your people.

I’ll admit that my ideas are not conventional. That having freedom, living life on your own unique terms and making good money at the same time, isn’t what we were taught when we were young. But I believe we are here to break those rules and forge a new “normal” in the world. This Facebook group is where we all get to connect; support one another and create strong, powerful, enduring relationships with our people. People who believe in the same things we do.

And the best part? You belong to this group for life. [Value: Priceless]


Manifest More 8 Week Course

I’d like to invite you on an 8 week adventure with me into the art of creating the life you desire by consciously manifesting the things and experiences that you truly want. It’s part co-creating, part clarity, part knowing what to let go of and when to take action, interwoven with pure golden magic.

After spending 8 weeks with me doing BSchool, you’ll have plenty of practical, how-to knowledge and a strong understanding of what steps to take to take your life and business from one point to another. And I can’t wait to go on that journey with you.

Yet you might notice that there is one element to the whole piece that is missing. It’s the energetic, mystical, metaphysical inner work, that comes coupled with anything we do in life, ever. Manifest More is my popular course that teaches you how to work with intentions, emotions and energy, to bring your visions and aspirations into fruition. You get access to this course after you have completed BSchool, towards the middle half of the year. [Value: $137 USD]

Manifest More

Good. Me too.
Right now I want you to go check out BSchool and make sure it’s exactly what you need in your life. BSchool starts in the second week of March, and the doors to sign up for BSchool, and work with me for free this year, close on March 2nd 3pm EST (9am New Zealand / 7am Australia).
Claim your spot to join me for BSchool by clicking on any of the links or the image below. I can’t wait to have you on board!
Yes please!

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