Self esteem is the experience of being able to meet life’s challenges and being worthy of happiness.
And so whenever things aren’t quite right in my life:

  • I’m having money worries.
  • Relationships are showing up in negative ways.
  • I’m not being treated with the kindness, love and respect that I wish for.
  • I’m unhappy with my environment or circumstances.
  • My body and health are not in the best shape.
  • I lack the confidence to go for my dreams.

And so on…
I know it’s a gift. A little note that’s telling me to delve deeper. That it’s time for change. That there’s some limiting beliefs that are keeping me stuck, that need to be seen in order to move forward and experience the beauty and bounty of life in all it’s glory.
And that this thing that needs to change; that is ready to be taken to the next level; is your ability to love yourself, and recognise your own worth and value in the world. Just because you are here.
Change as we all know, however, takes inner work and a willingness and commitment to yourself to want for more, for better, for your birthright. To achieve lasting change and remarkable results means that you are willing to change the way you view yourself and your life, forever.
How do we do this?
We start to examine our consistent thought patterns and pick out the ones that are not supporting us. Often these habits are learnt, mostly from our parents, who also suffer from low self-esteem. Pay attention to what you are constantly telling yourself. Thoughts like:

  • I’m too fat for that dress/job/guy/success.
  • I’ll never be as successful as him/her.
  • People like me can’t have those kinds of things.
  • When I am perfect, then I can reach for my dreams.
  • My life will start when the people around me change.
  • Someone else will come and help me sort my life out.
  • It’s not my fault that my life is the way it is – that’s just the luck I’ve got.
  • My parents/partner don’t believe that I will amount to much.
  • I will never be good enough.

And so on…
These thoughts are indicators that you are self-sabotaging your life and  to taking responsibility for it or for yourself. The best way to kickstart your self-esteem is by becoming aware of those thoughts and then replacing them with what you really want to think.
For example, I’m too fat for that dress/job/guy/success, could become I love my body, and dress myself with care, for love and success.
Now it’s your turn, if you care to share below (because we all have self-sabotaging repetitive thoughts and beliefs about ourselves). What new statements will you start saying to yourself to kick-start your self-esteem and start to feel great about yourself?

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