On my a recent road-trip, I was chatting with a girlfriend about, predictably; boys, men, ex’s and all things love.
We shared and compared stories, laughed and shed tears as I spoke about:
The Crazy One.
The One I Still Love.
The One Whose Heart I Broke. 3 Times.
The One Who Came In His Pants. + We Weren’t Even Doing It.
The One Who Cried When He Thought I’d Run Away In Montmartre.
The One Whom I Wonder About What Might Have Been.
The One Who Took Acid + Asked Me To Marry Him.
And so on.
And I came to the realization that I have many, many unfinished love stories in my chapter of life titled ‘Romance’. And that, though many, if not most of them ended sweetly, kindly, and with great love; there were many unsaid words left between us.
And so I decided it is time to write them each a letter. A letter asking for forgiveness. A letter on letting go. A letter to make up and be friends. A love letter, of its own accord.
And let’s be honest, more like a love email, because letters take that extra step to send. And you need to know said persons address, which is highly unlikely for someone who moves around as much as I do.
Maybe you’d like to write one too. Here is a script for how it could go…
Subject: You, me, (something funny or unique you remember about them) + a note.
Hi (lovers name),
I know it’s been a while. But you’ve been on my mind lately when… (Mention how or why they came to your mind like, they came up in conversation or, what happens to me often is that I dream about them.) i.e. I woke up from a dream about you yesterday and we were in a train station and you decided to shave the bottom right part of your head and tattooed an awesome tribal flower pattern on it.
I’ve been… (tell them a little bit about yourself, but keep it short and sweet, this letter is about them) i.e. really happy; developing fun, creative new ideas and content for my coaching business, and visiting amazing new places as I walk my path of life in this world.
I’m sure you’ve got lots of wonderful things happening in your life too, so I’ll be brief.
Three things:
1. I really love (say what you really love, adore and admire about them) the way you always care about what I’m doing and support me no matter what. You are such a sensitive, beautiful person in (x many) ways.
2. I’m really sorry (write about what you’re sorry about) that we had a misunderstanding about going to that party together that day. I wish I had handled it better and had told you how I felt instead of just ignoring you.
3. It would make my universe if (tell them how you’d like your relationship to be) we could be the best of friends again. You mean the world to me, and even though things didn’t work out between us before, I really care about you and want you to be a part of my life.
// we could just let the past go and move on. Sometimes things end and people grow apart because that’s what’s meant to be in each of our lives.
If this… resonates with you / sounds endearing to you, let’s chat. Or email. Or whatever.
(your name) xo
Your turn! Is there one person whom you’d love to make amends with in whichever way?

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