Last week we got 100’s of you all excited about the free google hangout that Hayley Carr and I were presenting for you. Due to various technical issues we were forced to cancel the event, but last night, we finally got to get together with all this of you who showed up and rocked our worlds with your questions.
It was awesome in more ways than I could possibly share, but luckily we got it all on video which you can see below. Just because there was so much to say and share, we went overtime by about an hour, but it was so worth it.

  1. Our stories and how we got started.
  2. How we deal with + face fears.
  3. How we make money.
  4. Our top time management methods that work anywhere in the world.
  5. How to stay fit and healthy anywhere.
  6. Our favourite techy apps, tools and equipment + how we pack our bags.
  7. How we manage romantic relationships + family en route.
  8. Our biggest stumbling blocks and how we managed to get through them.


This google hangout was a perfect prelude for the next mentoring program I’ve got coming out, starting on Monday the 10th of November. I want to be there for you. Here’s just 1 of the ways.
A 6 week mentoring program where you can ask all the difficult questions and align yourself to the kind of life you truly want.
gypset | gyp(d)sɛt|
an emerging group of people, characterised by an unconventional, bohemian approach to life: they have this down-to-earth ease and freedom – so gypset.
mindset |ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt|
the established set of attitudes and beliefs held by a person or group of people: this town seems stuck in a medieval mindset.

  • I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life, perfecting my own version of the gypset lifestyle. Which means that I’ve made tons of mistakes, I’ve experienced more than most people do in their lifetime, and I’ve learnt a lot. And it’s not just about travel. It’s actually more about finding out who you truly are, and what your purpose and authentic self and vision is.


  • For me, it meant that there was a time that I hitchhiked from Italy, through Spain and into Portugal, to make it to my next festival gig, because my passport had been stolen. All by myself.


  • It means that I’ve been proposed to, several times, and in the end, my answer was no. Because I didn’t share enough of the same values with the beloveds that wanted my promise and my hand. Because I wanted something else, someone other, than conventional. Something extraordinary.


  • It means I’ve started a business that failed and lost $30,000 in the process.


  • It also means that from those ashes and tears, I learnt and grew, and created a business that blossomed. One that I love.

Which is how I stand before you now. With all of this to share with you. And a collation of all the questions you ever asked me.
So I created something wonderful. A 6 week mentoring program that takes you from the foundations into your dreams.
We often think that in order to feel and experience what we want in life, the world around us has to change. But the truth is, for our experiences to change, we have to change. We have to clean up our thoughts, start making choices that are in alignment with our dreams and values and take action on our intuitions and hearts. When we do that, everything else simply follows and falls into place.
That’s what #GypsetMindset is all about.
I can’t wait to share everything I’ve got in store for you over the coming weeks! More details on how to get in on the program are coming soon!

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