When I first started coaching many years ago, I was working as a counsellor, fresh out of university with a crisp Psychology degree in my little hands, full of naïveté, idealistic ideas of how life should be, and structured guidelines of how to work with clients.
I knew exactly when to listen, when to reflect back what was being said, and when to reframe the thought processes or shine a light on a missed-out element of the situation that is being illustrated to me.
And all these processes and strategies worked well.
After all, it’s often what is NOT being said, that is the important key to any given story.
But I felt like something was missing. I was picking up on people’s innermost cries and heart-felt soul-connections, yet was not allowed to voice them, because, as my mentor said “you have to allow people to speak their own truth”.
But what if they are blinded to their truth? Why can’t I speak those truths for them so that they can have the clarity that they seek? And why not give them the tools they seek to discover themselves fully, so that they can leave behind what ails them?
I had many questions like that.
So I left the field of human psychology and behaviour for a while, to uncover my own truths and carve my own unique path in this world.
I travelled the world working at electronic music festivals as a coordinator and artist manager, preparing the festival for its influx of musicians and artists and ensuring that they knew what, where and when they were doing their thing.
I worked in music festivals for 5 years, and during that time filled my passion for travel, wrote novel-length journal entries about my life experiences and observations, and delved deeper into the exploration of human nature, our capacity, thoughts and mind.

  • I learnt about manifesting, about intention setting, about how energy is everything and how we can use energy to create the things we desire in our lives.
  • I learn about embracing my authentic self, about coming home -> home being the place of peace and joy within me.
  • I leant about self-acceptance, about self-love, about what Self really was, and about how chakras worked.
  • I learnt about how, in order for things to appear in my physical reality, I first had to make changes to create them; or make space for them; or heal them in my inner world.
  • I learnt about how every single action, thought, belief and behaviour has a cause and effect; that everything matters; and to never leave anything for granted or to chance. Everything happens for a reason.
  • I learnt that everything and everyone is connected, and that when we honor those connections that arise through movement, space, time, change and motion; magic happens.

I learnt so much, and as I learnt I applied all these lessons to my life. I made mistakes, and tried again and kept going and going until it all became second nature, and the way of perceiving the world and my mindset had completely shifted into one that only saw beauty, limitless possibilities, love and a natural connection with all living things.
Finally, the desire to help others through my knowledge, insight, natural abilities and skills returned and I felt ready again. And yet I knew I didn’t want to continue within the structured field of psychology. It didn’t give me the option to give the kind of support that I wanted to provide. And so, instead, I went into coaching.
And becoming self employed meant I had to learn a whole new set of skills.

  • I learnt how money and self worth were directly related.
  • I learnt how to manage my finances and charge what I am worth.
  • I learnt that business and marketing are not offensive four-letter words, rather that they can be fun, creative and heart-driven.
  • I learnt that my business growth is directly related to my personal growth.
  • I learnt to brand myself with integrity, and speak and write with vulnerability and authenticity.
  • I learnt about SEO; and how to create and code basic parts of my website, I learnt how to use social media, I learnt how to manage media and PR kits, and approach those that I admire.
  • I learnt how to structure blog posts, and write in ways that are both entertaining as well as informative.
  • I learnt how to ask for help with the areas in my business that I lacked the skills at and how to outsource and ask for what I need.
  • I learnt about how to balance my creativity with some structure; and I learnt how to create eBooks.

And I continue to learn, every day, how to co-create the life that has been envisioned for me by the stars.
I learnt all of this, as I started coaching.
First, I did it part-time, in my lunch breaks at my full-time job. I was a business manager and PA for a keynote speaker who consulted on branding and marketing; a job I had purposefully manifested with the intention that it would give me the insight, support and experience that I felt I needed, to help me create my own business.
I spent a year blogging about personal development, and coaching a few clients on the side.
Then, one day, I decided I was ready to take the leap. I was scared, but I knew that I had to do it. And in June 2012, I left my full-time job, and started travelling again, with the intention of building my budding coaching and writing business into something blooming and fruitful. Something that would support my values, my dreams of freedom and living life on my terms, as well as combining my fierce desire to help others and be creative at all times.
I took some freelance copy-writing jobs and marketing jobs on, on the side, while my coaching business grew. And within a year, I was fully self-employed and supporting myself.
That first year however, was one of the most challenging years of my life. I faced my own fears several times, saw my bank account hit 0 a couple of times and really learnt what it meant, to hustle, to grow, and to believe in yourself like nobody else ever would. There were times of dire stress, of real concern and moments of wondering whether this path I had chosen was the right one for me.
It was. And it is.
And now, as I look back at those times, I am incredibly grateful. I am grateful to have experienced the depths of despair; which forced me to really make things happen, I’m grateful to know what the bottom feels like; in order to truly enjoy the journey to the top.
Now, I am experiencing financial freedom in abundance, the lifestyle freedom of my dreams, and the creative freedom that every artistic soul yearns for.
I work with the most amazing clients; women who are health and life coaches, creative professionals, photographers, musicians, healers and designers. Women who are ready for more in their lives, and want to learn to live their lives to the beat of their own heart. Women who want to pursue their life purpose, enjoy their life experience, and make the most of it all, with no hesitation, guilt or fear holding them back.
It’s been a wonderful, surprising journey that has stretched me, grown me and helped me rise out of the ashes of my own limited beliefs. A journey that I am deeply grateful for, and loving every step of the way.
And that, my fine feathered friend, is how I became a life coach…
The story does not end here. There’s so much yet to come!

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