I’m currently knee-deep in my creative-cave, working on this beautiful 8 week course for you guys: Gypset Mindset.
And I know I’m digging deep, and really pushing my own boundaries and beliefs as I create this baby, because every now and then, I bump up against limitations or blockages that keep me from moving forward.
Beliefs like “I don’t know how to do that!” And “How can I possibly make that happen within my budget?” And “How can I put all these intangible, intuitive processes into tangible actions that can’t be learnt and taught and transform people’s lives?”. It’s definitely an interesting, exciting and scary project I’ve taken on. And I’m loving every minute of it.
Especially the lessons that are forcing me to grow!
It all starts with my mindset. I know that everything in my life is created from the inside out. It starts with me, and what I believe to be true for myself and for this life experience.
Personally, when I come up to blockages, I just sit with them. I’ve been doing this for a while so I know the process well.
This is how I do it:
➕ I make a conscious decision to clear the beliefs around whatever the issue is, and ask for help and guidance.
➕ Sometimes I journal out whatever arises. I feel it out and do whatever intuitively feels like the most supportive and efficient process.
➕ Sometimes I just let the thoughts come, like ‘aha!’ moments, and then dissipate as I consciously tell my subconscious the new beliefs I want to engrave into my soul.
➕ As my awareness becomes comfortable with this new knowledge that I have a specific belief that is no longer in line with where I am headed, and I replace them with new thoughts and beliefs, new undercurrents and underlying negative beliefs rear their heads.
➕ And as I become aware of them, more arise, until slowly the whole thing gets cleared.
➕ All the while, as the misguided beliefs come up, I keep acknowledging them and then replacing them with new thoughts like:
‘Life is easy.’
‘Making money is fun + easy.’
‘I always have plenty of time + money to do things that bring me joy’.
‘I have so much experience, understanding + wisdom to share, which brings people SO much life-transforming value. I love being paid well to help others.’
And so on.
Got it baby?! xo
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