Like a magnet, your yearnings pull you towards your strengths. So, if you catch yourself longing repeatedly to do something, therein lies your strength. Never underestimate the power you have within you.
Traditionally a lot of focus is put on “improving”, “changing oneself” + fitting in to pre-formed molds. Instead of being taught to seek out what comes, naturally, easily, gracefully from ourselves we are taught to fight that + instead choose the things that are challenging and difficult in order to “grow”, evolve + learn.
What if.
Just imagine.
What if we were to learn from pleasure rather than pain?
What would that FEEL like?

To me it feels so much lovelier. I can breathe easier. I feel so much more supported. My life feels expansive + I’m excited and thrilled by what I do. I feel as if my talents can be shared + that I’m heading in the right direction. I’m moving with the flow. Life is easier this way. I’m not fighting against anything. I’m in tune with myself + my purpose.
It took me years to even start realizing that what I love to do, + what I am good at are my strengths. Now that I am clear within myself of where my natural talents and strengths lie, my life moves with grace and ease. Some of the natural talents that I possess + use on a regular basis are:
En┬Ěchant┬Ěress (n-chntrs)
1. A woman of great charm or fascination.
2. A woman who practices magic; a sorceress.
I am an enchantress. I can speak with anyone and charm them. But only if I want to. I can also be cold and distant if I don’t like you. With great ease and finesse people are lured into my web of magic and fascination. It’s a love thing.
Creative Thinker / Dreamer. There’s always a way in my world. I am a unicorn of possibilities. Nothing is impossible.
Portal of Transformation. I am passionate to make things happen and conjure dreams into realities in this world. Be it connections with people or internal changes in me or others thinking and belief systems. I am passionate to be a portal of transformation in this life. For myself and everyone whom touches my path.
Spiritual Perceiver . I see things as a whole, which encompasses so much more than just the physical and superficial part of life. I feel and sense the depth and meaning in everything and can illustrate how things fit together when seen as part of the whole. This gives everyone a clearer understanding and ultimately a sense of complete-ness.
Working with my strengths means I can give you the best of me. I can share my unique + well rounded knowledge, power + insights because these come easily to me. They’re the things I love to do, they are the areas I have the most wisdom in, they’re my talents that set me apart from everyone else.
Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your happiness and success. Here are the four steps find out what your strengths are.
1. What gets you really, super happy + excited?
Notice the things that you really love doing, those things that get your heart rate up + have you skipping around at the thought of them. Write down a list of things that make your soul sing, your heart pitter-patter + your mouth involuntary turn up into a smile. Then whittle the list down to your top 5.
2. Where do you stand out?
Your strengths are highlighted in the areas where you do things a little differently to everyone else. Your approach will be unique. To name your strengths, you want to identify those moments and articulate how you are different. Write down the top 5 areas in which you stand out.
3. What do your friends + family tell you?
Oddly, we are often blind to our owns strengths, however those around us who love us are not. Ask the 5 people who know you the best to name your top strength. When someone compliments you on something well done, pay attention! They are telling you one of your strengths.
4. What do you call your strengths?
Once you have your 3 lists from asking the top three questions, compare them + see where they overlap. Order the strengths that have been repeated in number order from the ones most mentioned to the ones least. Take the top five and give each of them a unique name that is special to you. Perhaps one of your strengths is Storyteller, Lifestylist, or Social Wizard. Perhaps you are an Investigator or Siren. Find an exciting word that best describes each of your strengths and then own that, encourage yourself in the direction of your ease, love and joy + enjoy learning + growing as you become more + more yourself.
For a more specific study + test on Strengths read this post here.

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