Last week I ran into a friend who told me that she was wanting to work with this specific coach to help her grow her business. I was so excited for her and asked her a million questions about the coach she was interested in, and what she was focusing on gaining from the experience. Until she told me “But I can’t afford it!”
I have absolutely, totally been there myself. Wanting to work with a coach, or a mentor, and just simply not feeling like I could afford it. And it that sentence right there, lies the problem. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford it. And so my experience was that I couldn’t afford it. Because that’s exactly what I believed. Ah! The conundrum of it all!
In fact, right at this moment, I’m trying to pull together $10,000 to invest in a course that I want to do, because I want to, and need to invest in myself, in order to keep growing and expanding and being the best coach that I can be. So I am doing the following:
Lots of cleaning up my thinking around money, to get around that thought pattern of “I can’t afford the things I want” which essentially is a lack mentality and finding practical ways to allow this experience to come into my life.
Want To Work With A Coach But Can’t Afford It? {+ How You Can Turn That Around In 5 Easy Steps}
(By the way, this essentially works for anything. People often tell me that they want to go travelling and they can’t afford it, but the truth is, they can. They just choose not to.)
1. Change Your Money Mindset
When you want to manifest money to pay for things that are of value to you, it’s important to know that it’s already there.
Know that the cash and the opportunities are right in front of your face. You just have to adjust your vision to see them. You do this by shifting your vibe — your frequencies of thought and emotion — to one that’s open to receiving money.
If you come from a place of “I need …” you’re coming from a really low vibe place.
If you shift your thoughts and emotions to those of excitement, delight and curiosity of how this money will come into your life, the way you approach money changes and you open up to all the possibilities available to you. Recognise that money is already all around you, there is no lack of it, it’s just about getting into alignment with the stream coming your way.
Do things that make you feel really, really good. And approach everything you do from that space. Think of money from a place of gratitude and abundance, rather than from lack and not having enough of it. Just because it’s not viscerally in your bank account right now, doesn’t mean the money is not there.
2. Choose To Invest In Yourself
Investing in yourself a priority. Why?
Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make. It yields not only future returns, but often a current pay-off as well.
The surest way to achieve a better quality life, to be successful, productive, and satisfied is to place a priority on investing in both personal and professional growth. The effort you put into consistently investing in yourself plays a large role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future.
3. Make A Commitment
Making a commitment to yourself, is kind of like making a promise. It builds self-love, -trust and self-worth. You send yourself a powerful message that  you are important.  And that simple act creates a ripple effect across your entire life, that is beyond your imagination.
I have seen time and time again, how my clients’ lives have changed simply because they took a chance on themselves and made a commitment to create a better life for themselves. Investing in coaching gives them the structure and the guidelines to keep that promise to themselves, and allows them to reach out beyond their current spectrum into a world that’s made of dream-stuff.
Put in the work — make the commitment — and it will pay!
4. Believe You Are Worth It
What sets you apart from the people whom you see that are living their dreams is simply one thing. They believe that they are worth having the life that they want. And because of that belief they are willing to invest and work towards it.
When you love yourself at a cellular level, and recognise that you are an insurmountable well of unique potential, that you are already who you want to be, deep down, then you recognise that you are worth giving yourself whatever it is that you need to grow and embody your true being.
Believing in your own worth means that you that you have a positive mental attitude towards your needs and know how to find ways to  support yourself. Because you’re worth it!
5. Take Practical Steps Towards It
Putting aside money for your own personal growth and investing in yourself is the first step. I have 4 savings accounts, and one of them is named “Self-Love” which I use to pay for things like mentorships, coaching, courses, and self-care.
We often spend our money quite unconsciously. So one thing to be really aware of is that we put our cash to good use. Whenever you make a purchase, ask yourself if this item is really something that you need, something that will make you happy in the long-term? Are you just spending to fill an emotional need? Or are you using your money in a way that so that it grows and evolves you?
And when there’s something big that I need money for quickly, I use the money manifesting method that I shared with you when I manifested over $1,000 in about a day.
It’s easy to say “I can’t afford it!” It’s definitely more of a challenge to stretch yourself, whether financially, emotionally, or mentally, to actually bring about the changes that you say you want in your life. In the end, we each have a choice.
Image from Her Campus.

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