it’s this funny time of the year; in-between.

it’s that time when we really think, + look back, + forward over the past year. it’s a kind of twilight zone between Christmas + New Year, where we get to reset, spend time with the people we love, + focus on the things that bring us joy.

It’s this time of the year that I like to journal it all out, release the past, and make space for the new year. This is how I do it.
I don’t have a specific structure when I write. I use my intuition and see what comes up. With the intention to let go of the past and create new intentions for 2014. This past year has been one of my most challenging to date. I faced up to a lot of my own deep-set unconscious behavior patterns which were absolutely not serving me. And rubbing up against those parts of myself which don’t feel good, especially when you’re resisting them, can be very challenging. I always welcome change, and yet found myself in a position where I was in a space within myself that I was completely unfamiliar, and it was scary. Scary good, because scary means being on the trepice of transformation. But scary nonetheless. I’m so very ready to let go of all of that, and start a new year filled with joy, lightness, love and bliss.

I write out the past…

  • What hurt, what pained me, what went wrong + what I learnt from it all.
  • What happened that brought me joy, happiness + made me feel proud.
  • How the lessons from the past year can propel me closer towards my heart + souls yearnings, dreams + desires.


Then I turn + face the future… And get specific on how I want to feel.

  • I think of all the different areas of my life that are important to me.
  • I might even divide them up into sections like: Writing, Business, Friends & Family, Travel, Spiritual, Health, Learning, Financial (Earning), Financial (Giving), Financial (Saving).
  • And I write out how I want to feel in each area. I choose key words that fill me up + give me a sense of joy, wholeness, abundance and love.

Like this.


Here are some of my intentions for 2014. (Some of them are private + personal… Sometimes you’ve got to hold those things that are sacred close to our hearts.)


  • Be super zen, open + loving by practicing full appreciation + complete ACCEPTANCE of what is. Being fully aware of the energies that flow betwix + around us, aware of the gifts + signs from the Universe + gently responding from my heart + intuition. In simple words: be present in each and every moment.
  • Do my best ever work EVER. I love, love, love working as a lifestyle coach + am REALLY GOOD at helping smart, courageous, beautiful women navigate their soul-path + all the human highs, lows, doubts + celebrations that come with that, with practical + mystical wisdom. I want to give my clients more this year than I ever have before + provide them with an incredible platform from which to feel nurtured, supported + guided on a personal basis. I want to trust my intuitive insights more than I have ever before, because when I do, it means I help the people I am working with in a way that blows both our minds. I want to be the best intuitive-follow your soul-listen to your intuition-know your truth-get transformative results-transformation lifestyle coach that there is. Basically: give my clients everything I’ve got. + then some more.
  • Love, love, loving myself, who I am + the gifts I give + share with the world. This means fully accepting myself + recognizing my worth + value, + be energetically in alignment with what I want to receive in life. I want to feel beautiful, sensual, and freely express myself in my unique ways.
  • Feeling at home. Having + creating a space that I can permanently call my home, + use as a base for my adventures. It’s a space that I love, that I can make beautiful, + where I find deep peace, rest + creative inspiration. It’s a home that I can share with my friends + loved ones, that I can easily afford + maintain, + is in the perfect location. Even a gypsetter needs a home to come back to from time to time.
  • Consuming less + creating more. Allowing myself to indulge in my creative pursuits + creating a life filled with beauty + magic that doesn’t require me to buy into the culture of capitalism + spending.
  • WORDS TO LIVE BY 2014:

Spaciousness, Peace, Love, Abundance, Support, Joy, Clarity, Beauty, Magic, Fun, Kindness, Flow, Creativity, Community, Adventure, Gratitude, Inspiration, Recognition + Ease.

What are your intentions for 2014? Let’s make this one magic!

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