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Seeing as Hayley and I are currently both in Byron, working on the Gypset BSchool Adventure program we are creating together for you, we thought we would get together and talk with you a little bit about what this is all about.
And because we can’t help but be extremely silly when we are together, you get to see us in our natural states of ridiculous excitement, fuelled by coconuts and raw snickers bars from our favourite cafe, Naked Treaties.
In our mini-film we invite you to our free Q&A, where you can ask all of your burning questions about our Gypset BSchool program and we will talk what taking your work on the road is all about.

We also outline what is included in the Gypset BSchool Adventure:

  • BSchool 2015 with Marie Forleo + lifetime access to BSchool..
  • Be coached by us for 7 months from May until December 2015 as part of our mentoring program.
  • Immerse yourself in the 5 month ‘SHE IS…’ online training program.
  • Have all your questions answered and find your tribe in the exclusive Facebook group.
  • Receive all of our eBooks and recordings as a gift, sent to your mailbox; download = instant.
  • Attend our unique 3 day Gypset Biz Adventure retreat, in a mystery, international location.

Watch it right here:
And come join us on Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm Sydney time. We will be on the phone to answer any of your questions about B-School, and behind the scenes of what you need to know to make the right decision for you.  This is a free call to help you, if you have more questions about what life during, and after B-School will be like for you. We are here to help!

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