Gypset Adventure Q&A with Vienda and Hayley on Tuesday 23 June 2015 at 7pm AEST
Beautiful one!
We want to A your Q’s about The Gypset Adventure. Come, join us on a live call next Tuesday 23 June at 7pm AEST!
I’ve got a fun invite for you. Totally free and no need to even opt-in! We would love you to come and ask all your questions at our live Q&A call. But if you think you might forget, and you want to receive a reminder, just sign up for the live call here, and get a recording of all the q’s answered, at the end of the call:

Join me, and Hayley Carr next Tuesday on a live call, where we will chat about:

  • How our individual gypsetting journeys began.
  • How we make money on the road, anywhere and everywhere.
  • How we create our lifestyles through intention setting and manifesting.
  • And so much more!

Come and listen, ask us any random question about our businesses and lifestyles, and get inside information on creating the life of YOUR dreams.
Put this in your calendar now -> Tuesday, June 23rd at 7:00pm AEST / 10am GMT.
It’s really simple (+ free) to join us:

  • Add join.conference to your Skype contacts.
  • Then when prompted, enter this special code: 807760#

That is all. Et voila, you’ll be on a live call with us. Hooray!
Remember, it’s happening live Tuesday 23 June at 7pm AEST / 10am GMT.
*** Yes – it’s definitely getting recorded – but if you want to ask us questions live, make plans to be there! And remember, you can only get the recording if you sign up here, so we can email it to you:

If you have any questions (silly, serious or otherwise) that you’re dying to ask either of us – come over and put them on my Facebook wall or in the comments section below now.
This is going to be FUN and inspiring!
Vienda xo
P.S. Everyone is welcome – even if you’re not into adventures or gypsetting. Ha!
Photography by Eyes of Love.

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