A snapshot of what I studied + did to end up working as a women’s mentor


I was always a dreamer as a kid, lost in my own fantasy world. I spent the ages of 10 and 11 training to be a mermaid by swimming endless lengths of our neighbour’s pool while holding my breath and sliding my body in wave-like motions so I could propel myself forward without arms. Knowing what I wanted to “be” when I was a child was a foreign concept. But what I did know was that I wasn’t interested in any of the options society offered me.


Here’s a snapshot of what I studied and did to end up working as a women’s mentor:


  • I completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology largely out of self-interest but with the potential bi-product of becoming a psychologist at the end. I loved this 4-year course. Amongst many other things it gave me the ability to be analytical; to do real research to find the truth of things; an in-depth understanding of human behaviour; and the knowledge that we are always going to be our best case studies, so my teachings and practice are wholly based on what I know to be true for myself.


  • I went on to work at global music and film festivals for several years which are the ultimate study of human behaviour in intense environments and under extreme conditions which taught me more about behaviour patterns, trauma and conditioning across so many cultures and backgrounds than any course ever could. Meanwhile, my spiritual practices and journey became intertwined in my fascination with psychology and I started to understand how the two supported one another.


  • I added Reiki Level 1 & 2, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to my list of trainings as well as informal research and education in epigenetics, metaphysics, psychedelics, addiction, love, creativity, astrology, and more.


  • Things became more serious for my career when I decided to invest in the business course that became the framework and bolster for everything I have created in my career since, Marie Forleo’s BSchool. This business training gave me the structure and the confidence that I lacked to go forth and create my own business, being creative and helping people, on my own terms and in alignment with my values. BSchool changed everything for me.


BSchool was the intersection where my business finally blossomed; where I met and became friends with Claire Baker, and later, also collaborators, working together across a range of workshops and courses (The Heartful Biz and Your Own Online Course) as well as being affiliate partners with Marie Forleo’s BSchool.


Once per year, we create a unique experience for women like us to take Bschool too, with us to guide you.


By investing in BSchool with us you get:

        1. 👯 A place in Secret Women’s Business, our upcoming 3-month live group mentoring experience. value: $1650 USD
        2. 👯 Our popular 2-day digital workshop The Heartful Biz, with ongoing access to our brains & a vibrant community in The Heartful Biz Facebook group value: $345 USD
        3. 👯 Our NEWEST co-creation: Your Own Online Course value: $275 USD
        4. 👯A PARCEL OF LOVE sent to you from us, filled with:
          💗 A box of organic vegan chocolates
          💗 Vienda’s personal planner system Plannher
          💗 Claire’s book 50 Things You Need To Know About Periods
          💗 Stunning earrings handcrafted by a women’s collective in the mountains of Morocco
          …mailed to wherever you are in the world! Because we believe this is an investment and opportunity to celebrate, value: $229 USD

TOTAL VALUE: $2499 USD — for free!!


One of the most potent parts of BSchool for us was always the community piece however over the years as the business program has grown (hooray!) it became harder to find an intimate and safe group of sisters to journey alongside. So we took on ourselves to create an online space to support your business journey where you feel cherished, comforted and encouraged as well as offered the rituals and practical steps we take to keep our business growing and evolving.


Marie Forleo’s BSchool opens for enrolment today:  July 20th and closes in 9 days on July 29th.


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For any other questions, please feel free to email me at studio@viendamaria.com.


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