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It is in the circumvent moment of taking a leap of faith that we taste true freedom.
It is in the letting go that we gain so much more.
Saying no leads to better yes’.
When we let go of expectations that we feel the sweetness of success.
As the dreamer we realise that our dream was being realised all along.
It’s not judging…..and relinquishing the need to care about what others think.
It’s in the shedding of tears, in feeling lost and still moving forward.
It’s having tremendous faith…..that everything will work out….better than fine.
It’s in the questions we pose of ourselves, just enough to widen our horizons and move past our limitations.
Freedom is being a bright beacon of light…..clarity, honesty and love….no matter what else is going on around us.
When disappointment turns to longing turns to the realisation that what we thought we wanted we didn’t actually want.
It’s in the receiving….graciously, openly, without feeling we owe something in return.
It’s in the giving selflessly…altruistically without expecting anything in return.
It’s in the loving someone fearlessly…completely, whether or not they may love you back
It’s in the intoxicating joy, the serenity, the happiness without a reason.
It’s in realising that no-one’s got it all figured out ….. and nothing is permanent.
It’s when we teeter beyond our imaginations with nothing but trust and hope to catch us.
And when we do fall, we fall up….and everything gets unexpectedly better.
It’s in reinventing yourself every single day.
It’s when simplicity takes over.
This is freedom.

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