Yesterday I celebrated the relaunch of my popular course Manifest More: an 8 week interactive digital learning program for wild rebels and big dreamers who want to create a life filled with meaning, abundance, adventures, love and opportunities.
Getting your life on the right track requires clarity, vision and an understanding how it all works: when to ask for what you want, how to get it, what needs to be done to fulfil even your biggest dream and desires, and knowing what is your part of the job, and what you need to leave up to the universe.
Without that kind of understanding and knowledge taking responsibility for your life and truly creating it on your own terms can feel impossible and overwhelming.
Manifest More is a step-by-step roadmap for deliberately co-creating your life with your dreams and desires as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every step of the way.


Monday 27 March: Doors to Manifest More open (with the New Moon)
Sunday 9 April: Doors to Manifest More close
Monday 10 April: Manifest More begins (with the Full Moon)



The training is released in weekly modules and each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, interviews, resource lists, and worksheets. You get 24/7 access to the private Manifest More member page to view the training videos and materials.
You also are invited to join the private Facebook Manifest More group where I will run weekly Facebook Live calls where I will answer questions, and offer strategic advice. Our Facebook community is extraordinarily active, loving and supportive, which keeps everyone inspired, excited and invested into their own and each others lives.


  1. Manifest More: Understand manifesting is and learn the 6 step Manifest More formula.
  2. Money: Get unstuck from your lack mentality and start manifesting financial abundance.
  3. Love: Learn how to align yourself with the romantic love relationship that you crave.
  4. Home: Hone in and strategically find the perfect home no matter where you are.
  5. Health: Overcome health issues by redirecting your focus.
  6. Opportunities: Attract enviable circumstances and have new doors open for you.
  7. Career: Start doing work that you really, truly love and that support you highest values.
  8. + More: Discover how to apply these same keys to every single area in your life.



  • Emily Pollock is one of our brightest Manifest More alumni who doubled her income within a month of completing the course. In this interview she takes us through the steps that she used to transform her life, and her income. Emily’s biggest turning point was that she learned to create her experience instead of being reactive to it, and that the difference this has made to her life is ultimately the most tangible.


  • Cazz LeMessurier manifested $5,000 within 10 days using the keys she learned through Manifest More, and since then has gone on to manifest a coaching career that lights her up. She guides us on how she changed her mindset from believing she didn’t deserve the money that she wanted to manifest, to knowing that she truly is worthy of her desires, and the steps she took, to get there.


  • Carly Stephan takes life to an ascended level through her relationship with herself and the universe. A metaphysical teacher for female embodiment, Carly defines exactly how we clear the path to receiving what we want and takes us through a journey of calling in the love of her life and current romantic partner.


  • Timothy Wildgoose is a filmmaker based out of Portland, Oregon who shares his personal experience around wanting something that is considered taboo in our culture, the great lengths he went to try to override those desires, and what happened when he surrendered to wanting what he wanted, leaving him happier, more fulfilled and whole in himself.


  • Erin Schroeder is a psychic witch who teaches us how to fully own your emotions and ground into your body in order to get out of your own way and receive the things you are calling into your life. She takes us through the steps she used to manifest the perfect loft apartment in Portland that she currently lives in, and then guides us in a sacred grounding meditation, clearing the base chakra and feeling safe and grounded to make manifesting more, easy.


  • Hayley Carr, a 9 x karate world champion and life coach for high achievers, has also been incredibly driven. Until about 10 years ago when chronic fatigue brought her to her knees. My child with severe neurology takes this drug for a long time. We have been prescribed Klonopin at not as an anticonvulsant but in order to improve sleep, reduce muscle tone and reduce dystonic attacks. Hayley shows us how she overcame her health problems despite doctors telling her she would never get better again, and how her intuition played an important role in allowing her to let go of her aim and receive.


  • Teresa Grant is a Manifest More alumni who knew her life had to change and approached it from a space of focusing on what she didn’t want any longer: pain. Over time she realised that focusing on pain was not making it go away, and instead started focusing on what she could do to release the pain: change her diet and focus on what she is grateful for. This simple shift changed everything for Teresa.


  • Morgan Joanel has lady-luck by her side in everything she does as a multi-versed creative and artist who discovered early on that the stories she told herself and the beliefs she held were always reflected to her in her life experience. The penny dropped when she manifested a recording deal with Sony after having set the intention in her journal. Morgan explores her manifesting landscape with us, sharing her story on manifesting a trip to Los Angeles and a $10,000 wardrobe by riding her high vibes across the way.


  • Dave Thompson wears many hats and has manifested a multitude of awesome things into his life, with a focus on taking action to bring the things that you want into reality. In this interview, Dave teaches us how to approach the active aspects of manifesting illustrated with stories from starting his own business and running an X-Marathon.


  • Drew Gerald is one of those unique people who truly understands what is takes to be human. Having lived and witnessed life from many varying viewpoints, from lucrative entrepreneur, to homeless, to successful teacher and writer, he sees life through the lens of spirit. In this astounding interview Drew takes us on a journey of self-awareness and discovery and what it really takes to get out of your own way to manifest the things that you want in your life.


  • Olivia O’Connor has an infectious vibe that allows her manifest easily and quickly, dubbing her as “lucky” since she was a girl. She shares her latest manifesting feats and gives distinct examples from her own life on how to let go of the outcome, find the balance between inspired hustle and flow, and surrendering it all to the universe.


  • Hayley Donohue is a Manifest More alumni who followed her intuition to Bali to fulfil a dream, that shapeshifted and brought her many unexpected lessons instead. Through it all she was able to grow and let go of certain areas of her life to manifest the lifestyle of freedom that she has always dreamt of.


  • Simran N’golet another Manifest More alumni was a wannabe entrepreneur when she first took the course. By the time she finished, she started spiritual coaching and doing intuitive sessions and was flooded without much effort. Her intention was to really manifest a nicer life for herself and when she got clear and started setting intentions things really started to show up for me in ways she never imagined. Not only did she create a new career for herself but she also healed her Crohn’s Disease by staying focused on wellness instead of listening to doctors who told me I would have a diminished quality of life for the rest of my life.


Learn more and join us for Manifest More here.


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