I recently received an email from one of my amazing clients who is doing it all: running a successful business, traveling the world wildly as if it’s her oyster (which it is!), and exploring her deeper evolvement as a human being. After reading my recent post Even Gypsetters Get The Blues, she wrote the following:



“I think I might have the blues…

I read your article, and although I don’t necessarily feel sad, normal tasks feel harder than I know they should. I am not doing everything I need to do very easily, or being who I need to be. My website is a key example; its been in the pipeline for over a year now. I am leaving most things until the last minute, because it all seems too exhausting to face: accommodation and flight bookings until the last minute, and burying my head in the sand when it comes to doing my banking and renewing clients contracts.

I don’t want to feel this way. My business is my heart. I am not sure what I should do about it – do you think it might be residual “hangover” emotions from having so many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes?

Maybe I am just saying that to make myself feel better. Not sure! When I was in Mexico, I felt really vibrant and alive. I felt it. Now I feel a bit more weary, and I caught up with someone I met in mexico 2 days ago. Although he may not have noticed, I certainly felt different. I’d love to be able to stay at that level always.”



It may be that you’re a bit burnt out. I’m not surprised with the amount of travel, moving, changing and flying you’ve been doing. Unfortunately, our bodies are creatures of familiarity and routine. They crave a calm and predictable life. That’s not to say that you can’t be a nomad. It just means that’s it is very important to do it in a conscious way. In nomadic times, our ancestors travelled with all their belongings, homes and comforts with them, they had a steady daily routine, and the moved overland or by sea, so it took days and even weeks to go from place to place.

When we go on holidays, we arrive at our destination and have the freedom to fill our days with nothing if we so please. When we live on the road we have all the daily expectations of everyone else, on top of all that moving around, change, flying, times zones, weird food, irregular sleeping and eating times and so on.

People have this idea that gypsetting is just like going on holidays, but with work, however this is untrue. So it’s really important to find a rhythm that suits your personal style and pace. This takes some experimenting because everyone is different. For me, it’s a minimum of 3 months in each place, and I don’t live like a tourist, I live like a local. I do local things at a local pace with local people. That’s how I like to discover and experience the world. But that’s just me, you might have a style that’s very different that’s suits you. This is where you really have to pay attention and listen to your body and intuition. It will guide you if you let it.

From now on, take your time as much as you can. Go when you have the feeling that its time to go, not because you think you should. Stay as long as life is sweet, and joyful and comfortable.

I know that you love your work and that it’s frustrating that you don’t want to do what needs to be done. Give yourself permission to take a few days or even a week off from your job. You’ve been go, go, go, nonstop since the beginning and I doubt you’ve had much time to chill and do nothing. Exploring and travelling doesn’t count! I actually mean do nothing!

After a break it’ll all come so easily and joyfully!

Trust yourself. Stop doubting yourself. Listen to your inner wisdom.

It’s telling you something! There’s a reason why, and you won’t lose clients and business won’t go down just because your air a week off. In fact, be authentic about it. Tell your clients where you’re at. They’ll appreciate your openness and be relieved to discover that you’re human and sometimes need to take some time out. Tell them that you love working with them and would love to renew your contracts and you will, as soon as you’ve had some time to realign. Your sense of well being affects the quality of your coaching and your relationship with your clients. When you’re full you can give more. When you’re running on empty things stop flowing and it all start to feel a bit too hard. 20130905-172405.jpg I wanted to share this with you because it’s a concern that comes up with my clients often and I want to assure you and them, that there is a way. But it’s much more about staying within your own energy and flow, rather than living up to the expectations of society. It’s time to do things your way, in your own time. Have you ever had a feeling that things were harder than they’re supposed to be?

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