What to do with all your old journals...
You teach the universe how to treat you. You teach the universe how to communicate with you. You can’t expect the universe to “guess” your expectations, hopes and dreams. You have to share them — clearly. You also have to fortify them — consistently.
Otherwise, the universe doesn’t know what you want. It doesn’t know how to play with you.
There’s something magical that happens when you state, in handwritten words, exactly what your hopes, dreams and expectations are. Your subconscious and the universe get together for a boardroom meeting and implement a plan that then plays out in kismet ways.
That’s why I journal. That’s why I have always journaled. It’s the fastest, easiest, most powerful way that I know to align myself with the best version of myself, the woman I am consistently becoming, and get out of my own way so those things that are meant for me won’t pass me by. In fact, Vana from The Quiet Brave podcast recently interviewed me on my journaling practice, with detailed insights into my approach, how and why I started, and how to keep returning day after day. Listen to it if you want to ignite your own journaling practice.
Those pages and pages of years and years of journaling… they build up. They take space and gather dust. If you’re wondering what to do with all your old journals when they’re full and done, here’s what I do:
I use a refillable Filofax / Planner. There are 2 reasons why I made this decision. 1. It’s easier to travel and move around with 1 notebook that contains all my notes as opposed to 7 (which is what I used to do) and 2. it’s more environmentally friendly.
— Every 3 to 6 months or I review the pages, keep or summarise any important points that I feel will be helpful to refer back to in the future and then take them outside to burn in a big terracotta pot on my rooftop. There are 2 reasons why I do that. 1. I believe that have a consistent practice where I release the past allows me to untether myself from attachment to what once was and be more present and 2. there is no reason why I need to keep thousands of pages of words taking up space in my world or mind.
— I trust that everything I need to know will remain stored within me and the rest can be let go. I like to create a little mystical ritual around this process of burning with some words of what I am releasing and what I am calling in, in its stead. We are all little witches on the inside.
— There’s something so satisfying empty out those notes. It’s all about making space for the new. Because the one thing that is certain is change. So why not be prepared for it, be aligned with the movement of change itself.
— And then the new pages go in. New pages with new blank spaces to create my life on and tell the universe and my subconscious exactly what I’m moving through, resolving, feeling, needing support with and wanting.
This silent relationship with yourself and the universe scripted through words flowing from a pen that teaches or environment how we want to be treated. Show me another more efficient form of alchemy, and I’ll show you how I create my world through my words.
For more resources on journaling try my free Full Moon and New Moon journaling rituals and my free journaling course.

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