When the stars align. An astrology reading that set my soul on fire.
“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” ― J.P. Morgan
As her soothing voice guided me to connect with my inner stillness and source of peace, I knew. She was the one that was supposed to be the voice of spirit and intuition for me. That hour passed so quickly, like a serene momentary lapse in time, at the end of which I felt deeply connected with the wisdom and insights that has been shared.
I discovered Danielle from A Life Worth Loving late last year, in one of those serendipitous moments that only the magic of stars aligning can provide. I could feel that there was something there, tendrils of a connection that I had to follow, but it took several months until we spoke. Soon after, she guided me through my astrological chart for the next year, something that I had been meaning to do again, but the puzzle pieces hadn’t fit, until now.
Seeing yourself through the lens of astrology reflects who you are, and allows you to accept and work with your own nature and strengths, instead of twisting and turning to fit into something you think you should be. Getting astrological readings done means that the decisions we make, and will make in the future, are supported and aligned.
Astrology enhances the inner-work of learning about yourself, and acts as a guide for remembering that we are all made of start-dust, and to remember to connect to our Universe with that. It also helps to explain the layered experiences that are happening simultaneously, within you, as a dynamic evolving creature.
As Danielle took me through my charts, a few specific points really touched me, and reminded me of two incredibly important points:

  1. How connected we are, when we use our intuitions. If you want a direct line to the wisdom of the Universe, tune in to your intuition. She’s your personal Oracle.
  2. Our bodies are the portal through which the energy of all this is, is expressed on a physical plane. Nurture it, take care of it, honour it. Without it, your precious gifts cannot touch the world.

The first point was beautiful highlighted when I was led through the important dates coming up for me thought this year:
March 9: Solar Eclipse and New Moon — all about endings and beginnings; and also initiates the beginning of group involvement, connection with people increasing, and my emotions and intuition being heightened. Right now is an exciting time for me, and it’s true.
Last night I met a beautiful girl called Frankie in my yoga class. From the moment she walked in, I had a feeling about her, an intuitive nudge that I wanted to get to know her. During class I mentally decided I want to be friends with that girl. Of course, as manifesting works, as soon as class was over we magnetised to on another, and instantly felt a kinship. Number were exchanged, enthusiasm was felt, it was an instant girl-romance. There’s something special here. It’s not every day that you make connections like this one.
I’ve been craving a deep sense of community, however as I travel as much as I do, creating and nurturing those communities to a deeper level in my environment is not always easy. Sometimes I find “my people” instantly, other times not at all. Early this year, and was sent an inspired idea for a membership community called The Free-spirited Collective. A space where “my people” can come together at any time, wherever they are in the world and connect. It’s launching in about a month and is just starting to take form in the most exciting way. I cannot wait to share it with you!
March 23: This date will bring in and is highlighted my work. This means heightened energy is terms of getting things together for a launch or project. Clearly this is about The Free-Spirited Collective! Plus, I’m closing my books at the end of this month for my poplar 6 month mentoring program (details on this are next) so it makes sense that it’ll be a busy time for me, as I organise all of this. Which reminds me, if working with me this year is in your plans, now is a good time to get that organised and book in a free 15 minute chat with me. On this date Danielle also warns me to keep an eye on my energy levels and take care and time for myself.
August: Jupiter goes direct in my chart and things are going to catapult for about a year and a half. This creates a sense of Oh wow I bet get prepared because things are going to expand and grow and take off! I have some exciting things planned for VM.com, plus it’s my birthday month, so again, the stars are so spot on!
September (across several dates): All the energies and results from what was started and set with intention, will be brought in full circle. This month is essentially the completion phase of all my actions and projects. It’s an exciting months as I watch the transition of what I have created in the past 6 months. This totally delights me because as of the 24th of September, I am actually taking 3 — 4 months off. I’ll still be blogging and sharing on Instagram, but less so, and I won’t be working with any more 1:1 mentoring or group clients. This is the first time since I started my business that I have consciously taken time off, and away to regroup, take space and time for myself, and come back with a new bust of love and energy to give in 2017. I can’t wait, both for the time off, and for what 2017 will bring!
Oct, Nov, Dec. These months, while I am traveling and taking time away are about really taking care of my health. She advised me to sink into this time, relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour with specific emphasis on taking care of myself, getting massages and satisfying the health aspect of self. Since I’ll be in South East Asia during this time, the premonitions work out perfectly for me!
What excited me the most about learning all of this, is that I had already planned all of these things, on the specific dates outlined above, by listing to my intuitive guidance, weeks before I sat down with Danielle. It just shows me that when I’m in tune with my intuition, and ask for guidance, I am always shown the right way. This, to me, is winning at life.
The other point was the emphasis that Danielle made on paying attention to my energy levels. I have a habit of going at high-speed when I’m feeling really excited, passionate and enthusiastic about something, to the point that I burn out. So I go from extreme highs to extreme lows in my energy levels and over time, this is really depleting physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I have a natural gentle energy, and sometimes can’t do and keep up with some who have more energy, even though I try to. This is apparent in my chart, and something that really captivated my attention.
I have made a promise to myself to now, be much more mindful of my energy levels, and give myself permission to rest, step away and just enjoy the little, simple things of life much more. Even in the past week of doing this, I feel so different, and life is showing me that by relaxing and trusting that everything is getting done in the perfect time, much more magic than I could have imagined, happens. It’s as if the less I do, and the more relaxed I am, the more things actually seem to be moving and getting done. While it’s not logical, I love it, and am going with it. It’s a pattern that I have been working on for a while, and this astrology reading gave me permission to take it to the next level, which is having amazing results.
The rest of these notes are really just for me to refer back to, when I need. Having a blog can be akin to having a virtual journal, so it’s a great place for me to store notes that I can come back to.

  • Symbolically and astrologically, I am here to serve.
  • Neptune-Mercury trine: cosmic psychic connection to the ethereal realm.
  • Work is a huge thing life-long. Moon in 6th house. A lot of energy is 6th house; work,service, health. A cluster of planets in this house. Attention and focus is in this area.
  • In the sign of Libra: relationships, harmony, creativity. The drive of my chart. The force guiding everything else. Serving others, working are life-long themes. My attention is geared towards this.
  • My work feeds me. It nurtures my spirit and soul. Moon also brings the need for changeability: freedom, flexibility in my schedule, being able to fluidly move form one thing to the next, being able to change and grow. Which is exactly what I have built for myself in my life and career. It’s all about creativity, independence and self-expression, growth and impact.
  • Another driver / ruler: Uranus, the planet of change, awakening, insight, rebellion, independence seated on my decedent, (relationships) need a lot of freedom in both career and relationships. I carry and embody the essence and energy of uranus. It has a vertical rings instead of horizontal rings: literally turns things upside down. Looking at things form a new perspective, future-oriented, cutting edge of things, doing things in a really unique, independent, free way.
  • Mars is in a tense relationship with Jupiter: Energy, how you assert yourself. Experience burst of energy and then feel completely depleted. Highly disciplined nature, but almost to own detriment. Don’t know when to put things down. Libra wants to find balance, so the challenge is to find a way to create harmony and give myself time to rest and recharge. Rest, rest, rest. You have to set boundaries and take care of yourself.
  • Sun and Moon are square, tight square: tension between masculine drive and feminine receptivity. Takes effort to express myself fully and bring it all out and shine as bright as well as honour to tend to emotional life, and go into my darkness and feel. Have to move between masculine and feminine.
  • Square between Venus and Neptune: soft spot – personal love, femininity, girlishness, relationship to money and romantic relationships. Amplification: my work is a source of love, and so is money. Can make us feel ethereal and bring us out of reality, looking at life from an idealistic lens. looking at life through rose-colored lenses, with the eyes of love, but when you bring things back to Earth they can be disappointing to not live up to magical, expectations. In love with love. Naive and vulnerable from deception. Not seeing things as clearly, seeing things how you want them to look. Can get in trouble.
  • Saturn is still transiting my relationships, my marriage and partnerships area. Themes of relationships and partnerships: growing up in the area of life of relationships. Potential with this transit to make a commitment of some sort, which can be really scary for someone who needs freedom and autonomy in their life. Worry: what I commit and it’s not right? What if I change my mind? Right now is a time to think about it, sit on it, what I want form relationships, what do I need, what do I want to give? What’s the real picture?
  • Squaring my natal Venus which can bring some interesting inner feelings of tension around commitment and relationships. Learning lessons around finances and values.
  • Pluto transiting for a long time: my belief systems, philosophy, travel is transforming and I’m, transforming as a result. Results as a rebirth, by 2020 career could look pretty different.
  • 18 years ago, my sun moved into the sign of Virgo: amplification: work, service and health. Embodied it through my life choices. I have another 12 years of that.
  • Then Libra: beauty, harmony, making art, being at peace.
  • Right now, emotionally I am super connected to traveling, learning, teaching, publishing, connecting with people, freedom, change innovation, humanitarian, bringing people together, for another 1.5 years.
  • Then pisces: spiritual, altruistic, creative.
  • Moon: a windfall of opportunities, look out for overusing your energy and giving to much instead of having a harmonious balance. Keeping an eye on resources and making sure my needs are being met.
  • Neptune squaring sun: bringing a dreamy quality, forgetting things, feeling the need to escape from time to time.

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