“Your conclusion that there isn’t enough of something—whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity—stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration that holds you apart from what you want.” — Abraham Hicks
Often, in conversation or when scrolling Facebook, I hear or read conversations based on beliefs that there is not enough in the world. Their premise goes something like this:

  • “There’s not enough money for everyone to be wealthy.”
  • “There aren’t enough good jobs to go around.”
  • “All the good men are gone.”
  • “The economy is on a constant downturn. No one can thrive with this.”
  • “There isn’t enough food to feed all the people on the planet.”
  • “We are running out of natural resources. Water, oil…”

After years (and years and years) of studying human behaviour and psychology, I’ve come to understand one very simple concept: that whatever we believe is true for us. Our beliefs literally dictate the experience we have of the world. Which is why I consciously choose to perceive the world as a place filled with abundance:

  • “It’s estimated that we have over 7 billion people in the world. As a small example, the world military expenditure is estimated at over 1700 billion USD, to give you a very small idea proportionally on how much money there is in the world. So yeah: There is more than enough money for everyone in the world. Our beautiful lesson to learn here, is how to get into that stream of beautiful money, by looking at our beliefs, and deciding to change them.”
  • “We all have different interests and passions. Some people love to write. Some people love to invent. Some people love to sing, to build, some people love math. One person’s menial job is another person’s dream. This is not true for 100% of jobs, sure; but with seven billion very different people living on this planet, you’d be surprised at what different people enjoy, and consider a good job.”
  • “We can all thrive, despite whatever the economy is supposedly doing. Some of the biggest, most successful brands and businesses came from a time when they were met with challenges. It’s those limitations that add fuel to genius, and result in incredible success.”
  • “Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the rate of global food production has increased faster than the rate of global population growth. The world already produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet. That’s enough to feed 10 billion people, the population peak we expect by 2050.”
  • Or as Prof. Steve Horwitz says that “There are economic reasons why we will never run out of many resources. In a free market system, prices signal scarcity. So as a resource becomes more scarce, it becomes more expensive, which incentivizes people to use less of it and develop new alternatives, or to find new reserves of that resource that were previously unknown or unprofitable. We have seen throughout history that the human mind’s ability to innovate, coupled with a free market economic system, is an unlimited resource that can overcome the limitations we perceive with natural resources.”

The difference between having a lack mentality and an abundance mentality?
Resulting in your life experience.
Perception is our beliefs of what is true.
Our experiences are the tangible results of what we believe.
Your lack beliefs are destroying your life (+ your ability to manifest).
There’s a psychological term for this exact thing:
It’s called our reticular activating system which acts as the library of our beliefs system. These beliefs affect our perception of thoughts. Then our perceptions control how we feel about one subject. Or another.
Let’s say there is a middle-class woman in high-level corporate management role. She has a lack belief that stems from her teenage years. Although she is already making more money than average person, she still feels that she is not making enough money to afford everything she wants.
And the more lack she feels, the more her reticular activating system functions as a guidance system to her experiences. And suddenly she will discover that she has a huge debt. Or that she made a critical decision in an investment, which looses her large sums of money. Or she looses her high-paying job. All experiences that support her belief that there isn’t enough.
Because this is how the reticular activating system works.
This doesn’t only apply to finances. It applies to every area of life: Relationships, health, happiness. Everything you experience in life is affected by what you believe is true. (Your reticular activating system.) Your beliefs create your perceptions, and vice versa.
When you believe that there is not enough of what you want (the desires that we want to manifest) there won’t be. Because you can’t manifest something that you don’t believe exists, is possible, or is true for you.
When you believe, deep down, that there aren’t enough good men on the planet, to find true love — no matter how many affirmations and positive thoughts you say to yourself, you won’t find the love you’re looking for.
You have to change the integral belief first, and foremost, and then start calling in what you want. But how?
It’s easy: Start looking for and seeking out evidence to support the belief that you want. Find research that supports the sentiment there are more than enough men, money and natural resources.
In this way, you can break your lack mentality by choosing a new perception, a new stream of thoughts on any topic. This is called reframing in psychology. it works the same way. When you start to believe something new, your reticular activating system starts to take effect and produce those beliefs as tangible, practical results and experiences in life.
I’d love to help you change the beliefs you hold in your life — to an abundance mentality — that attracts prosperity, love, happiness and all the things that you desire. My course: Manifest More teaches exactly that.
Now, right now, is a good time: sign up and learn more here.
It’s 100% up to you what you choose to believe. Your get to design your life any way you want. If you want to believe in lack. Do it! And may you have a powerful, positive change on the world through your beliefs. If you want to believe in abundance. Awesome! And may you have a fulfilling and enchanting positive impact in the world through your beliefs.
Photo: Taline Gabriel

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