Why RIGHT NOW is the absolute best time to start manifesting your desires.
I frickin’ love when I’m creating something, from the depth of my heart and soul, to help and inspire those around me, and the entire Universe aligns and supports it, on every damn level! Or… maybe it was destined in the stars all along…
Check it out:
I’ve been mentioning the evolvement and roll-out for the Manifest More program, since about April / May 2015, when I first started working on it. My incredible designer Alisha from Love Indigo Creative has been with me every step of the way, working on all the pretty little design elements to make it look and feel and powerful as beautiful as the content is. Not to mention my amazing two interns, without whom, I’d be lost.
And now we have dates.
Doors open to Manifest  More on: Monday 31 August.
Manifest More start on: Monday 14 September.
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When I mapped out how I was going to unravel and develop this soul-inspired 8 week course, I used astrology to chart my way. But I had no suspecting idea, of exactly just how precisely the stars would be pointing at manifesting at this particular time of the year.
Here’s how:
Elizabeth Peru says that:
Manifestation is the key theme this month and over the next five months. Therefore, you need to be so disciplined about using your energy wisely. For what you put your feeling and energy behind, you’ll get almost instantly..
This is ‘The Year of Action’, I’ve said it all year and now we are in the eight month of this universal EIGHT year. The final five months o5 2015 are accelerated. We’ve done the hard yards whilst Saturn was retrograde. I trust you’re doing your work in 2015 and not shying away from you challenges? Yes? Say…Yes!”

Cosmic Queen says this:
“So, the key message this week is to use the fresh New Moon energy to start manifesting the fabulous new projects you want to get started.
Next month is eclipse season with  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13th, followed by a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on September 27/28th depending on your location. Eclipses are always times of intense change that can affect us for months and months to come.
So its important to use this energy to support our ambitions and life purpose.  And eclipse season is followed by some of the best astro of 2015 in October. So I can’t emphasise enough that we need to start taking steps towards our biggest and most audacious goals NOW so we can leverage the intensity of the eclipses to instigate change, and then use the fabulous energy of October to further progress our projects. Exciting times! Go forth and manifest ok? And I want to hear all about it.”
It’s uncanny to me, how powerfully all the signs are pointing towards starting to really harness the power of manifesting and co-creating — starting now — and into September and October, at exactly the same time as the Manifest More 8 Week Digital eCourse.
I suggest that you to start getting clear on the things that you want now, and then from September 14,  use my Manifest More program to actively start manifesting those things.
So much energy around helping you manifest what you want is building up. That’s why right now is the absolute best time to start manifesting your desires.
My heart is so, so full with the excitement, joy and delight with all this good news, I had to share it with you.
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