There’s nothing that I find more odious than too much same-same. It’s unnatural. It’s undignified. And it goes against my adventurous nature.
Here’s my premise: routine surmises that every day you wake up, and are exactly the same person, with no variation at all, to the person you were yesterday, the week before, the month prior to that, or even 6 months ago. It leaves little room for flexibility, growth and, most important of all: being in the present moment, which is always, always unique. It also leaves little space for the most important thing of all – listening to our bodies – and giving them what they need right now.
Every single day is a new adventure, a blank slate, 24 hours of endless possibilities. So why start it with a routine? Why not listen, distinctly, to what you body (and I say body, because, as you know the only way to get out of your mind is by being present in your body) tells you that your heart and soul need from you?
I understand the need many people have for routines. They want to make sure they get things done, to tick those things off the list: meditate, exercise, drink water, read, write. The morning routine is a way to ensure that these things get done. Before the busy day takes over.
But, as any mother can attest to, life does not abide by routine. Every moment is different. And either you show up, attuned to the present moment, and flexible to move with that, to learn and grow form what is happening right now, to appreciate and love life as is it. OR you show up with a plan in your head, thereby disconnecting with your body and soul, and staying focused in your mind. That is not a good way to start the day!
What I suggest you do, is learn to trust yourself, and connect with your body, so that you can actually give it what it needs and wants, rather than what YOU THINK you’re supposed to do. And I know that you’ll discover it’s all that much easier. Because that’s what I’ve learnt too,
For me, there are certain things I’d like to do, every single day. Because they make me feel good, they fulfill me and make life beautiful, inspiring, delightful. They are simple:

  • Rehydrate. Drink plenty of water. Normally 2-3 Litres.
  • Move. I walk (maybe it’s more like a stride – fast enough to build up a sweat) 30-45 min most days, + usually add yoga or some kind of strength training to that. (Claudia Schiffer’s workouts on YouTube are a personal favorite.)
  • Write. Just write. I don’t care if it’s for my business, in my journal or emails. Everyday I write. Some days I am really inspired and write 7 blog posts in a few hours. Some days I just write a few lines in my journal. It varies. It just trust that how I show up in that moment, is perfect.
  • Alkalize. I alkalize before I eat anything. Lately that’s a squeezed lemon mixed with hot water. On lazier days that’s Apple Cider Vinegar with warm or room temperature water. Either of these are mostly followed by a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses. To make sure I give my body all the minerals it needs. I prefer real food, to supplements.
  • Meals. I often skip breakfast. My body feels better that way. I often eat dinner before 6pm. I eat when I’m hungry, and don’t when I’m not. It’s that simple, no steadfast mealtimes. No rules. No timelines. No pressure. I just show up and give myself what I need, in the moment. Which is different every time, every day. I am different all the time. I’m human, like nature I am constantly changing, evolving, growing, having different needs.
  • Eat vegetables. Vegetables are the staple of my life and body. I’m mostly made up of vegetables these days. So everyday, I eat at least 1 full vegetable meal, be it salad or cooked, and then try to sneak in some more elsewhere.
  • Sleep / Rest. Listen to my body when it needs rest. The body is so much more sensitive than we realise. It responds to every emotion, experience, sound, feeling everything. And to process those experiences, it often needs time to do nothing. I almost always honor my body with rest whenever it needs it. Doing nothing, is sacred and holy. It always makes space for miracles. That thing you’ve been worrying or stressing over? Give it space – do nothing, and just watch as it resolves itself.
  • Work on my business. I always think, what’s the one thing I can do right now, that would have the biggest impact on my business? And then whatever I’m inspired to do in that moment, I do that.
  • Meditate. This usually happens of it’s own accord whenever I rest and do nothing. I always spend some time in a meditative state. Often it happens when I first wake up in the morning, sometimes as I go to sleep at night, sometimes during the day when I’m sitting in the sand watching the waves roll in or on my balcony watching the birds in the trees.

The idea here is not to push and force yourself to do the things that are good for you, but rather, to learn to trust yourself, and know that you will be pulled and inspired to do these things very naturally.
And who needs a routine if you know you will always show up perfectly, in every moment? And that perfection doesn’t mean doing everything right every time. It means doing it right by YOU. Which is different every time.
Learning to listen and trust your body is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. No morning routine is ever going to make up for, or replace that.
And when you’re a gypsetter or a mother, morning routines get in the way of allowing the day to unfold naturally in its own way. We get to let go of having to control our days, and instead, interact with our own nature and the universe just as it is, in that moment.
That means that, on some days mid-flight, you can still honor every part of yourself by giving yourself what you need to feel good, supported and nurtured, without being constricted by the restrictions of a routine, nor the guilt for not having done it.
Let yourself go a little. Trust yourself in your freedom. You might be surprised to discover what starts to show up for you.

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