We are witnessing an uprising; in consciousness; in the way we do things; in the choices we make. We are awakening from a slumber of unconsciousness and becoming aware that we are responsible for every aspect of our lives, our selves, our communities, our world. We are recognising that we are one and everything we do, say and think matters.
As we awaken to what we we really want for ourselves, for each other and our communal lives, and then compare it against what we have seen happening. The wars, the violence, the cruelty, the hunger, the lack of love, of resources, the greed, the hurt, we also realise that we all must heal. And to heal with love, with compassion and with sincerity.
There has to be a revolution. But it has to be a revolution of consciousness. 
It’s all becoming so much more real. The old value systems from the past no longer support us. We all want to be well and happy and loved and to share that with others rather than cut ourselves off and try to get the largest piece of the pie, when there’s actually plenty of pie for everyone. We need to learn what true wealth is.
We have become so secular, so insular and departed from the true nature of ourselves and what drives us, that we need to relearn how to feel, how to be present and fully experience life as it comes, moment to moment. No longer allowing our minds to strain from one craving to the next but being wholly, fully appreciative of where we find ourselves right now and knowing that this is exactly where we are meant to be.
It is in our minds that we create our worlds. What we believe is true for us.
And with this recognition of our own responsibility, the frailty of life and the importance that we all step forward and change NOW we point to ourselves and say “I am.”
I am responsible for the quality of my life, my happiness, the strength of my relationships, and the environment in which I live. I empower myself to surface my values and personal passions, and to live in alignment with them. I choose to build the world I want to live in, starting with becoming the kind of person I would imagine myself to be in that world.
This is what we are doing. It is a transformation of consciousness, that then radiates out into others and becomes reality.

It takes action; growth; self realisation. It takes commitment to yourself and your life. It means facing yourself, being honest, truly honest, vulnerable, and looking beyond the surface. This can be a very confronting process as we have all learnt to placate ourselves with fairly superficial attributions yet our souls yearn and hunger for more.
Here is our opportunity to live more simply, with more beauty and grace, to connect deeply with ourselves and each other and create the world that we really want for ourselves, for each other and for our children. We are delighting in the discovery that we can create the life experience of our dreams….. one thought, one forgiveness, one opening up to others, one step at a time.
Viva la revolution. This is our world. We get to create it.
What do you want for your world?
Image source 1 and 2.

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