What is it that women want from men?
The answer is this: exactly that which you crave for from within yourself.
Women often say “Just be men!” but what does that mean?
Women want men to be warriors, to be honest, to be strong, to be the creative directors of your lives so that we may lay our trust upon your laps and cherish you and spoil you with our love and nurturing care.
Above all women want authenticity and integrity. We want you to be yourselves.
Impress us with your audacity of unbridled rapture. Show yourselves fully, not through a screen of social politeness, but as you would, had you never learnt the formal way to approach us and merely had your instinct to guide you.
Say what you mean and then do what you say.
We want to admire you for your kindness, your efforts, your thoughtfulness, your art and your skills. We adore you for being capable with your hands, flexible with your mind and devoted with you body.
Express yourselves freely, not caged in by what you think others want of you but by what you truly are.
Stand strongly within your own values and beliefs, unwavered by the opinions of others. It matters not what others think. We delight in a man who is true to himself and has the inner strength to assert himself.
Be free. Be wild. Be true to the motions in your loins and the passions of your heart.
The more you accept yourself and are yourself the more we will know how to accept you and love you for it.
We have no desire to control you, to cage you or to guide you. We want to walk by your side with conviction and the confidence that you will always be yourself and thereby do your very best.
That is what women truly want.

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