After sending out the invite to my 7 Day Free Journaling Course — Love Letters — last week 99 (and counting) of you enthusiastically subscribed within 3 hours. I was astounded.
Soon after, I started receiving lots of emails from Love Letter participants that echoed similar sentiments:
I really need this. I’ve been meaning to start or get back to journaling and this has been the perfect nudge in the right direction. But how do I start to use journaling for real, incremental, potent change? You often mention that you ‘rewrite your life stories’ and create your life through journaling. How exactly, do you do that?
It’s frustrating when you know how you want life to feel and look like, but can’t seem to figure out how to bridge that gap. We all want to create a life that is deliberate, intentional and filled with meaning and purpose. We want to feel alive, and thrilled by our days, and aligned with our dreams and visions.
I use journaling to do exactly that.
I journal to know what to do.
I journal to connect with my intuition.
I journal to cultivate radical self-trust.
I journal to remove blocks and limiting beliefs.
I journal to communicate with Source and Spirit.
I journal to attract love, friends, and opportunities.
I journal to increase my wealth, income and savings.
I journal to direct and define my business, brand and marketing.
I journal to get clear on my direction and soul purpose.
I journal to reframe circumstances and change them.
I journal to get clear on wild dreams and big ideas.
I journal to plan and manifest great adventures.
I journal to know my best plan of action.
I’d love to help you do all that too.

That is why — 3 days from today — I will be leading a brand-new online course called Make More Magic.
31 days: March 1 – March 31, 2017.
31 lessons on how to change your habits and attitudes, get focused, and create, attract, have, be and do what you say you want to, through journaling.
4 weekly Live Facebook classes with Q&A
2 bonus classes on the Full Moon and New Moon
Personal 1-on-1 mentoring in our private Facebook page
Real time shares and examples from my personal daily journal entries.
Lifetime access. You can join in every time I run the class again, for free, which will deepen you journaling skills more each time.
I’d like to invite you to join me for the 31 days of March and register for Make More Magic. The cost is $127.
To learn more about Make More Magic and sign up, this is the place: 
Today is the most powerful New Moon of the year: energetically, we are being given the push we need to manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and to do that, we need listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgeable whispers.
Journaling is the clearest, direct line to that inner wisdom that I know of.
The words that flow out from under your pen act as reminder that your soul is aware of your destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to love and the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.

If you’re new to my world, get familiar with my work by reading about me here and watching this video that I made about journaling, or check out my free courses and eBooks. Feel into it.
You know that if your heart and soul yearn for more, you’d benefit from Make More Magic.
And that if you have mixed feelings or it’s just not the right fit, skip it.
Trust your intuition. Maybe even journal about it.
Thanks for being part of my world.
Stay magic.

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