I used to think that intuition worked like a magic crystal ball — it would tell me exactly what I needed to know — and then I would just have to go ahead and do it. But sometimes I felt frustrated — the direction that those intuitive ideas were taking me in — was unclear.
When you devote your life to being intuitively guided like I have, you want some certainty that intuitive living is actually going to work for you.
It wasn’t until I was being interviewed by Natalie when I realised that even intuitive ideas are wrapped in structure. No matter how illogical, magical and elusive there is always a way to bring intuition to earth by grounding it with tangible steps.
My approach is pretty simple.
I always start with a specific intuited idea, for example, that I need to start making more videos. I’ve had this intuitive message come to many, many times this year, but I’ve mostly ignored it. Making videos feels out of my comfort zone, and to start doing something new means to stretch, stumble, learn and make mistakes, which sometimes feels like too much work.
The longer I have left it, the stronger the messages have come, until finally, not making videos it feels almost as uncomfortable as doing it. The thing is, I can’t see any logical reason why I should start making videos. I like writing. I am good at writing. Isn’t that enough? 
My intuition acts as an extension of the universe. If there is one thing I have learned by now, it is to listen.
So I began.
— I started by writing down lists of ideas of things that I could make videos about.
— I experimented by filming a wedding I went to.
— I procrastinated and made up excuses why I couldn’t / wouldn’t do it
— And then I finally made one
All intuitive messages are here to guide you. Even when the reason why will often bewilder you. Obviously, there are no guarantees. You will never know if following an intuitive vision is going to get you somewhere. But sometimes it’s not about the results but about the process and what you learn along the way.
Intuition is smart and strategic.
Sometimes when I feel scared and insecure about what I am supposed to be doing I tune within myself again and ask. Are you sure this is what you want from me?
The answer is always Yes. Trust me. Intuition is always guiding me to something beyond my limited imagination, as long as I am willing to go there.

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