In true gypset style, I’m sitting in a train, writing this. My beloved fringe, suede backpack is keeping me company, filled with overnight essentials, besides a bottle of water next to me to keep me hydrated; most definitely my número uno must-have; and my iPad is lightly sitting on my legs. My knees and feet are lifted up against one of huge seat railings because I can’t sit like a normal human being: it’s always cross-legged or feet up somehow.
And so it is, that I write to you. I want to tell you everything. Everything I’ve been thinking and feeling and doing since I arrive in Australia almost 7 weeks ago. And I don’t even know where to begin. It feels like it’s been 7 months rather than 7 weeks. Time here seems to have stretched out and sped up at the same time.
And what I have to say feels mammoth.
So let me begin with how I feel. I feel good. I feel really good. It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, and that I never face challenges or have days when I’m down. It’s more than that. It feels good in the way only acceptance of where I’m at right now, both within me and without, and utter contentment, feels good. I feel like I am exactly where I’m meant to be. Which I am.
And yet, I recall that I say this often, in many different places.
Since I got to Australia, I had a few main intentions in mind:
1. Family. To spend time with my mama and little half-brother whom I hadn’t seen in two years. As we get older, the time that we get to spend with our families often becomes less, which is certainly true in my case, since I never seem to be still long enough or in any one place.
I have done a lot of inner work around family and the relationships that I experience with different people in my family. And alongside just reconnecting and spending time together, I wanted to test out how much of the inner work I did, had changed the way we relate. As Eckarte Tolle famously and rightly says “Think you’re enlightened? Try spending 3 days with your family!”. And I’m very happy to report back that, 7 weeks later, it’s been the best it’s ever been. The work I did within, created the experience that I wanted without. It works!
2. Business. When I’m continuously travelling around in foreign countries, I tend to let go of most of the monotonous details of having a business. While I keep and collect all my receipts and invoices, I haven’t done my taxes this year, and I just want to make sure that all my business-related paperwork, banking and website stuff is in order. So I’m taking care of business. It feels really good to get things in order.
3. Website. There’s a bright-eyed, brand new website redesign underway. When I first started this site, I built it entirely on my own, and have since updated it with new headers and tabs along the way, every six months or so.
But now it’s time for an upgrade. Headway had released a brand new theme format some time ago, and with it the requirement to rebuild the entire site, so I’m starting again. I’ve had beautiful professional photos taken by the lovely Jo Anderson, which I’m completely obsessed with as you can tell from this post, and have help from a website developer in India with the technical parts that I find challenging, and am doing the entire rebuild and design part myself.
4. Course. I’ve been wanting to create a program around the questions that you lovingly flood my inbox with, and needed space and time to come up with the structure of how this was going to show up.
Slowly it’s coming together, and this month I’m travelling to Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney to film interviews with some of the most inspirational, unconventional and incredible people I know, to be a part of the Gypset Mindset program which I’m hoping to launch July 28. Which is very, very soon! Eeek!
5. Friends. I’m so lucky to know so many beautiful people all over the world, and certainly my incredible friends here in Australia always take the cake. So loving, so supportive, so nurturing, it’s time to reconnect and ground with these beautiful faces that I love and adore.
And then there is the inevitable question that you often ask me: ” Where are you off to next?”.
As you know, my travels are guided by intuition. Right now, I have a soft commitment to be in Ibiza in September. I can’t tell you yet, if this is definitely happening. I will know, closer to the time, as always. It has to feel right, be right for where I’m at, and just flow.
My life is very simple: if there’s no flow; there no go. Ha!
While all these practical aspects of my life are going on, there’s plenty of emotional and spiritual undercurrents blowing their sweet perfume onto my life experiences.
I’m reading books like crazy. I’m essentially devouring a book per week at the moment. My soul yearns for some insight nourishment from people who are experts in their fields. It’s stirring up lots of new thoughts and ways and choices that I have available to me, to integrate into my life.
Right now, I’m in a place where my life is all about making new decisions. It’s about making choices differently than I have in the past, with simply one intention: to make my life the most amazing experience that it can possibly be. It’s about up-levelling.
I am inquiring into the way that I do everything, in order to recalibrate how I live my life, to consistently come from a place of love, freedom and soul.
What doesn’t serve my highest self is gone. What doesn’t align with my truth is let go of. What isn’t coming from a space of love is examined and changed.
This kind of inner transformation is intense, emotional and sometimes unnerving. It also means that I get very tired easily. And I’m totally ok with that. My lifestyle and my work affords me plenty of time to rest, to take care of myself, to listening within.
This process that I’m undertaking is an essential one for growth. For expansion. For fully stepping into myself and embodying my nature and life purpose. It also means that I can serve you and share more value than ever. Because the deeper I go with myself, the deeper I can go with you also.
After all, everything in life is a reflection of ourselves.
And whilst all of the above is going on, I am delighted to be working with some of the most incredible cats on this planet at the moment! As I’m shifting things in my life, I see them also shifting, big time, and I feel like a proud mama bear every time we have a breakthrough in the work we do together.
I have clients finding ways to support their lives soulfully and financially; I have clients who are suddenly tripling their income; I have clients who are finding love and actually allowing themselves to enjoy it; I have clients who are planning a trip of their lifetime; I have clients connecting to their intuition and leaning to truly BE who they are; and it’s so exciting observing how, when we identify with our desires to live from a place of love, freedom and soul, everything falls into place. Magic happens.
And that, is was makes me happiest of all. Being able to do really good work; with really incredible people, and allowing the results speak for themselves.
My heart is bursting with love and gratitude for the work I get to do in this world, the freedom with which I get to show up, and the soulful love that is expressed through me, my life, and those I work with.
I feel blessed. It’s worth all the challenging inner work. Because all you get back is blessings. And life is all about love, and soul, and freedom.

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