You asked, we answered. Gypset Adventure Q&A.
You asked, we answered. Some Gypset Adventure FAQ’s: If you have to know what you ‘thing’ is; If the Adventure will happen again next year; and when we will meet for the 3 day retreat in December.
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I am keen as mustard to sign up for The Gypset Adventure you are running but although I have signed up for your Live Q&A call, on Tuesday June 23, 7pm AEST, 10am London, work is going to be a bit crazy around that time & I don’t think I’ll be able to be online to ask my questions. What do I do?
We totally understand that not everyone can make the call, so please send all your questions here, and will make sure to answer them during the Live Q&A call. After the call, we will email a copy of the recording to all of you who have signed up, whether you were able to make it, or not!
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I want to make the leap from cubicle-dwelling stresshead to free-as-a-bird gypsetting adventuress. I was just wondering if you gave guidance during the course if we weren’t 100% sure about how we thought we’d be able to make money – to put it bluntly. Do you have to start the course armed & ready with your ‘thing’ at least 93% defined i.e. life coach, virtual assistant, digital reiki rastafarian etc.?

We are very clear that the leap from cubicle-dwelling stresshead to free-living gypsetter, is first and foremost about mindset. It’s about valuing yourself, believing in yourself, and saying yes, I am doing this for me, because I damn well can, and deserve it, even when it’s scary and tough.
You want to make money, being free and doing what you love. But you don’t believe it’s possible? Herein lies the problem. The belief. Which is exactly what the Gypset Adventure is about. Changing your beliefs / mindset and then immediately taking action from a completely different place. So, no, you don’t have to start the course armed and ready with your ‘thing’. We are ever-evolving and that’s part of this adventure. Making money is a very important topic that we will be speaking about often, throughout the 6 months together.
Or, the short answer to this question is: if you feel called to The Gypset Adventure – there’s a reason. Trust your intuition/gut. 

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I was wondering if you would be confirming the dates for the 3-days in Bali so I can plan my life!
We will be confirming the dates for the retreat during the Live call, and we can tell you right now, that they are: Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 of December 2015.
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Do you anticipate that an adventure such as this one will be offered by you again?  Next year perhaps?
At this point in time, the honest answer is: ‘I don’t know’. This is the first time that we are running a 6 month program that’s ending in a retreat like this one, so it’s a bit of a learning curve for us as well, as we figure out the best way to share value and give you the best of everything we can conjure.
We would love to say yes, we will be, but it completely depends on this very first ever 6 month program, and how much we love doing it.
Right now we are pouring so much love into the video eCourse, creating activities and structure for the fortnightly mentoring sessions, and working with an awesome event organiser for the retreat at the end of the year, which is just so exciting.
I think we will have a much better idea on whether we will run it again, by the end of this year.
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I’d love love love to do your Gypset Adventure Program and I noticed that as soon as you sign up to the program the monthly payments commence immediately. I’m wondering if it’s possible to sign up and not start being billed monthly until the program actually begins? Totally fine if not, I can just sign up later in June but thought I’d ask :)
As you have noticed, the first payment does occur immediately, and then it’s a month by month payment plan.
It may be best for you to sign up later on in June, when the timing is better for you, though I do feel that I should warn you that there are limited spaces available, as we have already filled 12 spots.
Thank you for reaching out and checking with us. It’s definitely appreciated as we will take this kind of feedback into consideration for future projects.

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