I came off a chat with my friend Connie a few minutes ago. We were talking about how to let go of the past, even when it’s really hard, a topic that’s being covered in-depth in the first issue of The Free Spirited Collective, due out in the middle of April.
She was telling this story about how she had a really hard time letting go of attachments to some of her little things, when she moved house. Her decor, her juicer, her crystals.
It made me think about all the times I held onto things. Boyfriends. Clothes. Books. Tarot cards. Then I started scrolling through Pinterest, and stopped at a picture with the title: “4 Easy Steps To Receive Messages From Your Crystals.” This title makes me smile, in that funny way, when I child says something that’s totally new to them, but also totally obvious to you.
Here’s the thing.
You don’t need crystals to hear messages. You intuition resides within you.
You don’t need essential oils to relax. Your mind and body already know how to.
You don’t need external cues to give yourself permission to do what you want to do.
You don’t need every fancy app or gadget in the cosmos to be successful at what you do.
You don’t need designer clothes to feel beautiful, abundant, sexy and important.
You don’t need a life coach to tell you what you already know.
You don’t need social media to stay connected.
You don’t need a meditation chair to meditate.
You don’t need a gym membership to stay fit.
You don’t need rituals to feel grounded.
You don’t need a blender to be healthy.
You don’t need a home to be happy.
You don’t need a desk to do work.
While all these things are useful, and nice, and fun, you don’t actually need them. What you need is the belief in yourself, that you already have everything you need.
Which you do.
You have an incredible internal compass, your own inner wisdom, your instinct or gut, also know as intuition. You have the creative capacity to do anything with the resources at hand.
All you have to do, is allow it to inspire you.
You already have everything you need.
Just take action.
Image from WeAre365.com

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