I was sitting on a sun-bed, on the beach, listening to my fellow gypsetters talk about their plans for the summer yesterday afternoon. Many of them have an annual circuit which goes something like this: Goa from January to March; UK for May and June; the rest of Europe for the summer festival season until September; California for the rest if the year; and back again. And more often than not they slip in a little trip to visit family somewhere along the way. We are from may places: Australia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Ibiza, Austria, Italy, Turkey and so on…
And of course, as usual, they turn to me and ask me what I’m doing. And give me 1001 options (because they want me to come play with them). I don’t have a circuit. It’s not my style, my travel is much more intuitive. And I also have projects that I want to complete en-route, which affects how I make my decisions.
Whenever I make decisions, I check if they are in alignment with my highest values. My highest values being:
I have to make my decisions from the placed core values in order to live in alignment with my truth and life purpose.
Feeling disconnected, in a rut and out-of-flow happens when we aren’t living our lives based on what is truth for us.
It comes when you’re not living according to your values. Values are this ideals you cherish most in life like family, spiritual growth or independence.
When you do things that are inconsistent with your own values, when you don’t honor what you truly believe in, your sense of direction towards what you’re working for is dampened, you lose interest very quickly, and your motivation goes on holidays to Hawaii. Without you.
Decisions and intentions or goals are so much easier to make, follow and focus on when they are in alignment with what we truly value and believe for ourselves. When there is a dispute between our direction and our values, things start to go seriously wrong.
The problem is that many of us don’t even know what our values are. What is it that we value the most as we move forward on our journey and life path? This is where the sense of something ‘missing’ comes from.
Taking time to get to know and prioritise your values is a fun exercise in getting to know yourself, and is a key to living a successful and satisfying, fulfilled life.
Find out what your own core values are, by writing a list of 50-100 values and characteristics that are important to you. And then refine your list until you are left with 10 core values.
Now that you know what values are important to you, from this point on, before you make a decision, run it past your highest values and ask yourself:
Will this choice bring me closer or further away from my highest values? From my innermost beliefs that are here to serve me and guide me to being and living my soul purpose?
Because your soul will always guide you.
Innit! ;)

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