Not all of us were born to live a conventional life.
Some of us want to connect with real, amazing, spirited people. We want to have fun, and dance and laugh and be merry. Above all, we really want to know that we belong to a tribe of like-minded people.
Would you like to say hello, meet me, my sweet friend and co-presenter Emily Rose, and a whole bunch of other inspiring and bohemian folk under a starlight sky for a Gypsy Garden Gathering? Would you like to hug, meditate together, and release that stuff that’s dimming your shine, dance to the songs and vocals of Nick Cunningham and indulge in the yummiest, tasty treats that Byron Bay has to offer?
Then this event on Sunday the 14th of June from 6 – 9pm, is for you.
It will be joyful and playful. I hope that you come.

What is it?
The Gypsy Garden Gathering is an event for people who want to spend time with good people. And who love to laugh, dance to music, drink chai, eat naughty and nice treats, and meet lots of other people who love those things too.
Where is it happening?
It’s happening at the raddest house in Suffolk, just a few minutes south of Byron Bay. The address will be revealed on your ticket.
How much?
$40 per ticket. GET YOUR TICKET.
When is it?
It’s on Sunday the 14th of June.
6pm. Hugs and chai. (Yep. Can’t wait to hug you.)
6.30pm. Releasing ritual and group meditation.
7pm. Music, dancing, laughing, eating and drinking.
9pm. More hugs and chai and goodbyes.
Is this for girls only?
Nope. This is for everyone. Boys. Girls. Women. Men. Fairies. Gypsies. Unicorns. Everyone is welcome.
What should I bring?
A cushion to sit on. And some warm layers in case it gets coooooooold.


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