Manifesting 101 Gypset Style: How To Write Notes To The Universe




I’m about to let you in on a little secret. The number one method that I use, to bring more of what I want into my life.

It’s very simple. I write notes to the universe.

Normally, I just wrote them into a specially notebook. But then I started emailing them. Every day. And so much more magic started happening!



We were sitting around the kitchen table one afternoon, laughing about some anecdotes and sharing stories on our latest miracles and manifestations. When one of the girls shared her little secret. She had set up a special email account to which she wrote an email every single day, asking for what she wants. And tells us about how she always gets everything she asks for. We asked her for examples and she gave us many.

A clothing brand that she wanted to start selling in the shop she works in, suddenly appeared because of a mix up. A man that she once had a crush on and wanted to date but hadn’t heard from for years, contacted her suddenly, after she asked the universe for it, in an email. Right now she’s asking for a husband. She says the universe is still working on this one because its a big one.

And I liked the idea. I loved the idea so much I wanted to share it with you. Because you are the special ones. Because I trust and love you. And because we all deserve to ask the universe for what we want, and really start manifesting big things.



Notes To The Universe is a sacred space to which you can send your hopes, dreams and wishes. It’s an email address to which you can send your notes full of prayers, wishes and plans, every single day of your life, to give them a voice, clarity, and a tangible possibility to become reality. It helps define and focus what it is you want, and gives you practise in asking for the things that your know you deserve.

Notes to the universe is an email address: Your own personal manifestation station.



Writing out what your hopes and dreams are, means that you have to get really clear and specific in your head, what it is that you want. Writing helps you to identify the little things that are important to you, that we otherwise might not be able to articulate and put in words, with clarity and brevity, what we wish to manifest.

The universe loves it when we are clear with what we want, because that makes the manifestation process so much easier and faster. Writing emails also means that we identify where we are in relation to our dreams, which gives our subconscious space to start finding solutions for us. Also, the writing process also helps us focus on our goals and remember what is truly important to us.



To receive the things that we dream of, we first have to prepare ourselves for them. Learning to RECEIVE is as important as learning to ASK for the things that we want in our lives. When we start to focus on the things that are really important to us, we become more sensitive and open to opportunities relating to those things, as well as more aware and able to respond when opportunities arise.

By writing down and creating a focused intention, we clearly let the universe know that we are ready for said thing, your attention for receiving becomes refined and you subconsciously begin to create space in your life for this thing. By creating the space and letting go of the stuff that is holding us back and no longer serves us, we, as if by magic, begin to manifest our desires very simply and easily.



Write an email to Make it a daily practise. I do. It means that things start moving faster.

1. Start your letter with a greeting. Dear Universe works. Sometimes I get all flamboyant and call her darling, sweetness and goddess.

2. The next part is your gratitude. Write all that you are thankful for in your life. Say thank your for all the manifested magic you’ve already received. Really delve into your appreciation for all you have, until you bask in a warm glow of abundance and gratitude. Manifesting works from how you FEEL and to receive abundance and fulfilment you have to feel abundant and fulfilled already.

3. Finally, write with great clarity and in as much finite details as you can, what you would like to manifest. Get really super clear on the what.

  • What it looks like.
  • What it feels like, and
  • Why you want to bring this into your life experience.

4. Then sign off with loving gratitude and be ready and open to receive.



  • Remember that the Universe always has our highest good intended for us, which means that we need to let go of the HOW and the WHEN of our our dreams and manifestations. The experiences we wish for will always, always show up, but how they reveal themselves in our lives can often be a surprise.
  • Everything always happens in the perfect timing. Also, since time doesn’t exist, except for in our minds, the time it takes to for our dreams to realise, depends entirely on our clarity both in intention and in our subconscious. Sometimes we say we know what we want, but there’s actually limiting beliefs and blockages holding us back from receiving what we want, so we need to go back and clear those out until our energy field is completely and resolutely certain that this is what we want to manifest.
  • Doubts and fears arising are completely normal. Acknowledge them as they pass through your mind, give them a nod but no meaning, and continue in focusing on what it is you choose to manifest.
  • Be careful what you wish for. You will always get it, and sometimes you’ll realise that it’s not actually what you want.
  • This email address is completely secure. No-one will ever read your notes. They are completely confidential and private.



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66 Responses to Manifesting 101 Gypset Style: How To Write Notes To The Universe

  1. Hi

    can you tell me how to write my wish list for a husband? For example should i write
    Dear universe,
    I would like to meet a man who is loving, kind, etc or
    Dear Universe, Please send me a life partner who is loving, kind, caring etc.

    Would really appreciate some guidance on this.
    In Love and light

  2. You need to let go of your ideas of how you want it to happen because the universe has better ways in mind for you. Ask for the outcome and then be open to it arriving in any way.

  3. When you are trying to make a wish to the universe can you ask it how you want it to happen or should you not include how you want it to happen and just let it happen thank you so much!

  4. Absolutely! As long as you are willing to manifest the best version of yourself. I teach how to do that in my course Manifest More.

  5. Hi just a quick question about manifestation in general would this work with being able to manfiestig beauty I.e the body and face you want

  6. Hi Vienda thank you so much for creating this website! I have a question though. Can you write more than one email a day or can it be just one? Sometimes I will write something and then later want to write something that I left out or I will find something else that I want to write about. Thank you again!

  7. I just stumbled across this website today and I am so excited to try this I love writing however, I am always afraid if I write what I want out on paper people in my house are going to see it therefore it makes it not as fun to do. Now I can write my little heart out and not have to worry about anyone seeing it. Thank you so much for the tips and making the email I and a lot of other people appreciate it.

  8. As long as your release them by writing them (instead of continuing to harbor over them) then writing your ears out is perfect. The key here is on letting them go, and trusting! xo

  9. Should you write out your fears about the situation? I understand not wanting to dwell on it, but how can I just out it?

  10. Okay, so, for step 3 do I ask the universe for what I want or just act like I have it already and show gratitude toward the universe? I’m confused because in the comments I saw someone say, “You are supposed to say it as if you already have it.” But in step 3 it says,

    “Finally, write with great clarity and in as much finite details as you can, what you would like to manifest. Get really super clear on the what.

    What it looks like.
    What it feels like, and
    Why you want to bring this into your life experience.” Need a little help with this. Thank you :)

  11. Presence is the only practice you need in this situation. Stay in the present moment, and exactly what is supposed to happen will. When you start to have negative feelings, it’s because you are worrying about the future or thinking about what happened in the past. All you have to do, is come back to the present moment. xo

  12. My lovely, there is no right or wrong way to express yourself. As you write, you will discover more about yourself, and maybe, if you keep going, your thoughts and the way you write will change. Then, voila, you’ve transformed yourself! xo

  13. I am going to try this, however, I am a terrible writer. I write like my thoughts….scattered. Is that going to make a difference? My thoughts lately are very negative and I’m trying really hard to conquer that.

  14. HiVienda,
    I have been practicing LOA since 1st september. I am trying to manifest a friendship back.
    while I am very relaxed inside and have this very strong intuition that it is going to happen, even before i started LOA practice. However, i see this person in my present who is acting distant (not in my head though), i quickly cancel out this negative feeling and make it positive somehow.. but i do feel that my present shakes me a bit in my head not in my heart though.

    How to handle this?

    P.S. I am aksing the same question from many LOA gurus like you. I want to hear what others have to say about it.

    Thank you. Love and Light to you.

  15. This is absolutely genius, I am so glad I ‘bummed’ into your website! Thanks for sharing this, I am going to get started right away! Loved your post on Bali by the way :)

  16. They may seem unrelated, but they are absolutely not. When you ask, ask for them both, as they go hand in hand. You don’t really want one without the other, do you? And then just be really open to how it shows up for you. Maybe they will come together – or maybe they will come separately! Good luck beautiful!

    P.S. I’m launching an amazing 8 Week Manifesting course in just a few short days (Monday 31 August) or if you’re on my mailing list, you’ll hear all about it on Saturday! Eeep! So excited!


  17. Great post and exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! What is the best approach when trying to manifest two separate things that are somewhat related or intertwined? For example, I want a fantastic, new career opportunity, and also want that career opportunity to involve relocating to a city that will be a great fit for me. So, not only do I want a new career opportunity, I also want to relocate to a different city. Ideally, those two things would happen at the same time. Therefore, in my mind, those two things are somewhat related. Am I better off writing about them together in one letter or writing about each one separately in two different letters?

  18. Hi Cristel, The Universe will give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Which is obviously different to the time frame that you think you want or need it in. Learning to release and trust the timing is a huge part of manifesting. But when you write, write as if you already have the ting you want, so there is no time to wait for it.

  19. Hi Vienda! Question: is it bad to ask the universe to manifest something soon/certain time frame? Thanks! xoxo

  20. Awesome Megan, I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you manifest into your life now! xo

  21. Thank you for your wonderful post!!! I am in the middle of a huge transition and I need help from the universe to achieve my goals, this is perfect!!!! Sent my first email today and I am already getting better aligned with my desires. Thank you again, you are an angel!!!!

  22. Candy, as you may have noticed, how you feel very much affects what you experience in life. It best to try to focus on the positive things, even when life feels challenging. I’m running a free 7 Day Manifesting Course in August; you can find out more by signing up for my newsletter:


  23. Does fear and passing negative thoughts delay your manifestation? I’m sad and restless. I’m working hard on l being positive and relaxed about this.

  24. Thank you so much. For example, I can say, “I have this person who I really like. They have brown hair, brown eyes, etc., etc.?”

  25. Such a good question Molly! You are say it as if you already have it, in present tense. So, for example: “I have the job of my dreams.” “I am so in love with Jack.” “Large sums of money are coming to me easily and frequently.” I’m actually running a free 7 day manifesting course in a few weeks. If you’re interested, you an find out about it by signing up to my newsletter:

  26. Question: how do I tell the universe what I want? Do I say “I want this,” “I would like this,” or “can I have this?” Thanks in advance.

  27. Truly amazing. I am extremely grateful for everything and also apologize to the universe if there’s any negativity from my part. Please do not doubt that you are being heard and always be so grateful.

  28. Sorry, I thought you heard about the email from a friend.
    Thanks! That’s good to know :)

  29. Hi honey, I created the email address and know for a fact that no-one reads them (not even me). But if you feel more comfortable, why don’t you create your own email address to send them to? The Universe will always read what you ask for, no matter where you send it. ;) x

  30. This sounds inviting, but how do you know for certain this email is secure and private? Some people (myself included) will say very personal things that they might not share with anyone, not even a best friend. It makes me feel vulnerable so I thought I should ask how u know its safe and not read, or at least won’t be hacked into ( good blackmail potential ;) jk

  31. Enjoy, beautiful! I own the email address, but no one reads them, as they are purely for “The Universe” to read. x

  32. Hi,

    This is a great idea!! Who reads the notes to the universe since it goes to a specific email address?

  33. If you write it in present tense, like you already have it and are enjoying it, general works well, but why don’t you play with different options and find out what works the best for you? x

  34. I have heard you should write these in the past tense is this correct, like I have received it already?

    Thank you for the email address as I can’t wait to start sending emails to this!

  35. So happy you’re joining us on this adventure Alexis! I’m actually creating a Manifesting Course very soon (to be released in Jan/Feb 2015!!) which you might just love! x

  36. Loved the article notes to the universe also how to smile for the camera culinary regards Dai Chef

  37. I always seem to read your blog posts just as I need them in my life :). I’ve been re-visiting the law of attraction and manisfestation and really love the idea of sending an email to the universe—fun!

    Thanks again!

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