How to combine structure (planning + automation) with intuitive living.
There exists in the world, the strange paradoxical belief that living an intuitive life requires one to be reckless and flighty. That structure cannot coexist with intuitive flow. That planning leaves no room for spontaneity. I know, because I used to believe all those things. But not anymore.
Here’s what I know.
Intuitive living and structure are two parts of the whole: they are the yin yang of life, they represent the feminine and masculine aspects that live within each of us.
The reason for the paradox that these two ends of the spectrum cannot coexist lies in the fact that most people haven’t yet learned how to marry their own inner masculine and feminine. Most people are out of balance too far in one or the other direction.
When we want to learn how to fluidly move between our own inner intuitive wisdom within the secure container of structure, we have to learn how to integrate and use both aspects. Here is a great example:
How to combine structure (planning + automation) with intuitive living.
What I’ve learned over the years with plenty of trial and error is that when we use the masculine container of structure = more freedom to flow and live intuitively within that container.
It’s very much like relationships. A man/masculine energy in the relationship brings in structure that allows the woman/feminine energy in the relationship to bring in the intuitive flow. This way we steer the ship/life/business together in unity and harmony
But here’s the thing: everyone is living according to a system. And every system is perfect for the result it gets.
Here’s how I do it. (I am still learning, also.)
I create a soft structure:
— My clients are automatically scheduled into my calendar two days a week that are carved out specifically for private clients.
— I have a practice where I outline a vision for the year and then every 3 months revisit it and refine and rewrite it.
— I work with the energy of the days of the week to give my weekdays are container within which to work in.
— I set monthly intentions for my work, my personal life and finances every New Moon.
— I write weekly ‘to-do’ lists that keep me on track.
— I’m incredibly disciplined and focused.
I leave room for flow:
— I have no set routines and no hard rules around what I must do and when.
— The only commitments I absolutely adhere to are the appointments with clients in my calendar.
— I use my IntuiMethod system to stay on track with how I feel and what I need on a moment-to-moment basis.
— I prioritise rest, nature, connection and love over “productivity” and recognise that a lot of the extra work we place upon ourselves isn’t effective and doesn’t create any results beyond feeding your ego with the notion that being “busy” means you are worthy and valuable.
— I let go of things, often and easily, over and over again.
What works is to use habits, routines, and structure to create a system for yourself that supports you in your dreams and endeavours (creating a masculine container) and then allowing the power of momentum and habits to kick in to make trusting your intuition the focus as you move through your life within your system.
The issue is that most people have learned to use structure and planning as a crutch, not to support their system and lives, but as a way to feel in control and micromanage the details because they haven’t learned to develop self-trust and trust in the universe and the bigger picture. Learning to relax into the unknown and hear and respond to the intuitive nudges that are with you all day long, opens up space for possibilities that you could never plan or imagine, to fall into place.
To understand this approach, join me for IntuiMethod: my 15-day course into living an intuitively-led life.

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